Friday, January 25, 2008

Weekly Wrap

Sigh. We made it through the week. We will be spending the day with my sister and her kiddo (well, kiddos...since she's with child (only 4 more WEEKS!!)), and Andy will be home around 2 or 3! :) YAY!

1) Adam and I made a "Welcome Home Daddy" sign tonight. We actually went to Walgreens in the 14 degree weather to get the supplies. Sigh.

2) Adam has started pretty fiercely with his terrible twos! We've had numerous meltdowns and many time outs, this week.

3) I started my classes, this week. I am IN LOVE with my World Religions class.... Stay tuned for a new BLOG that goes along with that class. OH YES- A BLOG!!! WOO! :)

4) Kellan said I had too much time on my hands, because I was taking pics of myself (I know she was joking with me), but seriously... Every so often I just get in the mood to look pretty and capture it! haha. Plus, I had to put something on the blog about me, for Andy to read. As much as he loves his kids.... he wants to see pics of ME too! :)

5) No new progress with Matthew. I think we're going to go straight to a specialist. I am sick of running around in circles with our doc. I don't want my baby to suffer, anymore!

6) Blogger is being silly and will not post photos :( In this spot would have been an adorable photo of Matthew.

7) Everything is chapped and dry. I highly DISLIKE winter!

8) Tomorrow- we shall have Chipotle, to celebrate Andy being home. Yay for not cooking dinner!

9) Hmm apparently the word "chipotle" is not in the computer's dictionary... when I right clicked on it to see if I had really spelled the word wrong, the first word in the list is "Chippendale" !! HA HA HA. Chippendales might be spicy, like chipotles.... but.... clearly NOT the same thing! (Forgive me to my two mommies who read my blog... I don't really know what Chippendales are... I am innocent, I promise :) )

10) I seriously need sleep.



Golightly said...

All I have to say is that Adam just may be feeling a little "off" without daddy around. Some of the behavior may subside again once Andy is back for a couple days.

I had to go to South Dakota with Harrison when he was 20 minths for a family death. He became a train wreck, his behavior was out of control. I called Ken one day in tears, he suggested talking to Harrison. Harrison "talked" to him and after that he was just fine. The next few days went smoothly (he still had a couple moments - but...) Apparently he was missing daddy, yet couldn't express it.

Maybe Adam just needs to feel daddy's arms around him.

Have a great weekend! (Girl, Andy is going to DIG those pictures of you!)
Warmly ~ R

Beth said...

My husband has been go all week and will be home tonight too! Yippee for husbands being home!

Have a great weekend!

Blueberry and the Bean said...

i second harrison's mommy's comment. both my bean and my nieces are always much worse behavior wise when their daddy is out of town. it is just messing up their normal routines and everything when daddy isn't there i think.

oh, and i really dislike when blogger won't let me post a picture. gah!

Cheeky said...

Yeah - the hubs is coming home!!

MMMmmm Chipotle.....

Hope little one gets to feeling better soon.

Kathryn said...

Yeah for hubby coming home! Sounds like you have a fun weekend planned.
Ya know, Adam's meltdowns could be related to missing daddy too. And he might get worse when daddy gets home cuz he might be mad at daddy.
Or it could be cuz he is two. Ha!
Either way, good luck!

jennwa said...

I am so happy for you on your husband coming home. I hate when my hubby is out of town.
I hope the little one feel better soon.
Have a great dinner and weekend.

Sarah said...

Your funny...'nuff said! Enjoy your weekend- 'with' your hubby!

nicki said...

i wanted to comment about your terrible 2. don't lose hope! because it will probably get worse before it gets better. i've started to realize that everything is a phase, and that it passes fairly quickly (although some days you feel like you're going to be stuck with an unreasonable crazy person forever!).

my five year old is so pleasant to be around and we have such fun conversations! the almost three year old and 18 month old? not so much.

Dawn said...

Yay, you made it! Hubby almost home. You are to be congratulated with many foot rubs. :)

Now it's my turn. Dave is leaving tonight but at least he comes home Sunday afternoon. I've probably over-booked myself to prevent loneliness & insanity. :)

Law Student Hot Mama said...

I LOVE Chipotle. I have a hard time believing that it's a subsidiary of McDonald's because, well, McDonald's is gross. Chipotle is awesome.

Because of your blog, I have to have Chipotle tonight, as well.

4 Little Men said...

yeah for chipotle & yeah for hubby coming home.

have a good weekend

Christina said...

YAY, hubby's home, you made it!!! Yay for Chipotle, too - serious yum.
I can relate sooo much to the terrble twos...but hopefully it is related to Daddy being gone for Adam, and this week will be better!
#9 - you're going to make me break a rin laughing. But both your Moms and Andy read your blog??? I wish mine would!