Sunday, July 8, 2012

Matty Turns FIVE!

Dear Matthew Alan-

Oh, my little Matty-Moo, I can't believe you're five years old. You have certainly been my challenge-child; the one who has caused my wrinkles and has kept me up at night (quite literally). But through all of the doctor visits, the near death experience (almost three years ago), the constant medication, the late nights/early mornings, the steroid rage, and all other things we could consider negative.... you're anything but negative! You're my brave, intelligent, loving, kind, giving, and amazing little man-- God's most precious gift He ever could have given me. I am blessed to call you son. I am honored to have been chosen to be your mama. You make me a better person. You alone have taught me more, in your five years, about love and perseverance, than I have learned in my nearly thirty years on Earth. You are an amazing child.

You told me today that you wanted to be a police officer daddy, when you grow up. You said that you wanted to help people and you wanted to be a good daddy (like your daddy). I pray for you Matty, that your dreams and talents are utilized and that you carry out those things planted into your heart.

Happy Birthday, dear Matty.... Happy Birthday to you. :)

I love you, forever-