Thursday, April 22, 2010


Dear Readers- I am sorry I've been M.I.A! It's been a crazy spring and 3 kids makes for a crazy mama! And two classes makes for an even CRAZIER mama!

Dear Chloe- You are FOUR  months old. I am not sure how that happened, but it did. You are amazing. You make girly sounds, you roll over...and over...and over...., you try to sit up, and you can with a little help from Mr. Bumbo or some pillows; you like to eat your rice cereal, you laugh and smile at your family (especially Adam and Daddy!), you look beautiful in purple and pink, you like to snuggle with mama, you hold toys and snack on them, you have a tiny poke of a tooth coming in, and you are the best daughter I could have ever wanted!

Dear Matty- You are almost THREE! And shows! You are mommy's little angel one minute and a little turkey, the next. You are so fun! You have a giggle that lights up my heart. Your asthma doesn't like the new blooms of spring, but you take your treatments well and you are such a big boy about it! :) Mommy is very proud of you!

Dear Adam- I can't believe you're almost done with your first year of Pre-School. You are so intelligent. You use words that I don't even use, on a daily basis. You are sweet. You are a helper to mommy. You are your brother's best friend. You are Chloe's light in her eye. I love you so very much.

Dear Husband- Well. It's been crazy, these past few months. I am glad you still love me. Thank you for loving me-- even when I know I am not always lovable! You work so hard for us! Thank you! :)

Dear Trashman- Yes, you get a letter too. You know why? Because you threw my trashcan WAY across the road today, and well... I am not happy with you. Writing you this letter allows me to vent my frustrations against your carelessness and rudeness. You Mister Trashman are on my poopy list.

Dear Professors- I am sorry if I use the words: poopy, potty, bye-bye, silly or any other juvenile words. I am around children all day! Thank you for understanding! :)

There's our update! :) Love to you all! :)