Monday, April 30, 2007

Melt My Heart

I think I'm in love.....

Thanks, Bean's Mommy for this pic, too :)

Sunday, April 29, 2007

There's a GIRL in his bed!

What is more precious than two kids having a good time, and playing together? Not much, in my opinion. The picture, to the left, was taken by Bean's mommy, when Bean and her parents came for dinner Saturday night! The kids thought it was GREAT to play in Adam's bed, as you can see.

I took Adam to have his 18 month picture taken, on Friday. He'll be 18 months on Thursday, this week. I can't believe it... I can't believe that 18 months ago, I had a newborn. Now, he's a walking, talking, bundle of energy. How does time go by so fast? And why do we let it slip on by? I feel like I don't hold on to each day and that I just let each day go by. I need to stop and enjoy my family more, enjoy the time I have with Adam, and just SLOW down. I'm praying for that day to come... haha.

Anyhoo- The moments, like the one above, just makes me smile from ear to ear! Look at the smiles on those faces and the joy in their eyes. Kids are the epitome of happiness!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Mean Parents

I'm just posting pictures... no need to explain... We're mean parents. haha.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Babies and More Babies

So I was talking to Bean's Mommy today about the difference between boys and girls. We both decided that we liked the sex of our children, and that we wouldn't know what to do if we had the other sex. I'm glad Matthew is a boy. I am not sure what I would have done if we were having a girl. I know how to parent a boy, thus far, and I like having a mommy's boy.


I also had someone ask me if I were excited for Matthew, and if I were ready. READY? Who is actually READY to have a child?! I don't think there really is a readiness factor. I think that it's just a matter of "Okay, I have to do this," once they are here. haha. Not that I don't want to meet my son, because I do. I just am not 100% sure I am ready to have TWO kids, both under the age of 2! What in the world were we thinking? How is this going to work? Is it REALLY possible to be a mother to two kids? Yes, I know it is possible. I still just don't think I'm ready. I'll be ready when he's ready.... I think.

Here's Adam wanting more candy... Not one piece, but TWO he says. The joys of boys!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Funny of the day:

Adam wanted a M&M, so I let him have one, but I was only giving him one. About 5 minutes later he drags me back to the candy dish and says "more, peeeease." Well, he did say please. So, I said, "not right now, maybe later. Just one." Then he smiles and gives me the cutest look EVER and says "no, two." It was so innocent and he was VERY serious. I have to admit, I didn't keep composure and laughed. Which he thought was me saying "ok, you can have more." Luckily I was able to distract him with his cup of milk. Yay, milk!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Ever Growing Belly

It's 10:55 a.m. and Adam is already napping. We've had quite the challenging day, thus far! For some reason everything made him cry, nothing made him happy, and he didn't want to play (what?!). So, mommy made the executive decision to put Adam down for an early nap (by about an hour or so!).

Sigh. Now I just need to motivate myself to actually do something around here! haha. I think my ever growing belly is making me lazy. I just don't feel like doing anything, anymore. I just want to sleep and sit. It's sad. I want my energy back!

Anyway- enjoy the belly pic. Why is it people want to see these photos?! I have actual requests for these pictures, mostly from women. I think they want to see if I'm getting fat! That's my theory anyway... well... i don't think I am getting fat... just a bigger belly!

Have a great Monday!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Summer Lovin'

So, I know it's not summer and I know pools aren't even open, yet, but we have made it summer in the Sinzinger home! We broke down and bought one of those big pools, that has a ladder and is like an underground pool... but not... cheaper! So, Adam and daddy broke in the pool today and had a blast! Well...Daddy did anyway. Adam was a little apprehensive and wasn't sure if he liked all of the water. He hugged onto daddy pretty fiercely, but eventually seemed like he was having a fun time! The first picture (the B&W one) is the apprehensive face... and the other photo is of him telling me it was "coooold" haha. TOO CUTE!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Too much fun makes Adam sleepy

Today daddy played hooky from work, and we got to play with him all day! We went shopping: bought Adam and Matthew summer clothes, bought a VERY large pool for the backyard and had a wonderful day. I think it was a little TOO wonderful for Adam, however, as you can see above.

Adam's new friend: As you can see Adam has a new friend. We thought that maybe giving him his own baby would help transition Matthew into the family. From this picture, it looks as though Adam really likes his new friend. Awake, Adam thinks it's mommy's job to hold the baby, however. He did want to sleep with him at bedtime, too, so I guess it's a decent start. The baby is nameless (any ideas?!), and has a pink stroller and carrier (yes, it's pink... There is nothing wrong with Adam owning pink things!).

On a non-Adam note: Had a bit of a scare, this week, with my dad. Looks like he had a minor heart attack on Tuesday/Wednesday. I however didn't find out about it until Thursday! He didn't call because he knew I would freak out, and with me being pregnant he wanted to avoid the hysterical crying. Well, it didn't work; I cried hysterically anyway. I called him a few times today, to check on him, and he was resting like he's supposed to be. I've never had the feeling of losing my daddy before, and it was a feeling I am not looking forward to having, ever again! He has an appointment on Monday, to have more tests and to get checked out. I will keep everyone posted! :)

Ok, it's late and this mommy needs some sleep!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Snotty nose and Cranky Mommy

Today has just been... BLAH. I can't describe it better than that, honestly. I am just CRANKY. I think it's because I had to get up early, to go to the doctor, Adam didn't sleep well last night (because he has a runny nose and fever), and things just keep piling up!

Even with his runny nose and fever, Adam is still acting mischievous and ornery! Today, while mommy was grabbing pictures to color, from the printer, Adam decided to dump ALL of Sami's (the cat) water! Then, he danced in it and had water up to his knees. Seriously- I think I was gone for 2 minutes. Amazing how fast the little turd is! haha. So, mommy had fun with the steam cleaner.

He's also very into climbing right not. He likes to pull out drawers and climb onto counters (or dressers)... No, we don't really let him do it! But, it's very interesting to watch. He also has found out how to take the cushions off of the couch and roll all over them. For some reason, that's fun. haha.

Anyhoo- challenges and tiredness. What will I do once brother is here?!
Still cute, even when he's sick! :)

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Just some cute pictures!

My Aunt sent me some REALLY cute pictures of Adam, from the last time we all went out to lunch together. I just had to share them! :)

Saturday, April 14, 2007


Yay, it's the weekend! To me, I suppose that doesn't mean too much except for the fact that Andy is here to help out with Adam. Today, however, was another typical hectic Saturday in the Sinzinger home. Andy's dad came over and helped paint our main bathroom. It LOOKS GREAT! When we moved in (and for the past two years) it's been a very dark grey/green color. Now, it's a nice tan color. woo! So, I had to take Adam out, so that he didn't bother them all day. What a chore. You would think I would have fun shopping for new bathroom items and what not, but...blech. I couldn't find what I wanted and Adam made choosing things hard. Finally, however, I was successful and I found new things for the bathroom! All I have to do, now, is find some new decor and it will be all set!

Anyhoo- Adam is an eating machine today! He ate three HUGE meals and two snacks. I think he's taking my place as the eating champ of the family. haha.

And even through all of the hectic times, here's why I love my life (how cute it that??):

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Well, I knew this week was going to be busy, but.. blech. I am glad it's almost over! Tomorrow wraps up the week... THANK the Lord! :) I don't think I realized how hard life was going to be, school... and with an 18 month old... oh..and a husband! So, here I am in bed, watching Grey's Anatomy and eating celery with ranch dressing. Life is now good. McDreamy and McSteamy make me happy. :)
This is what Adam does when he's stressed... he makes cookies! :) That's my boy.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Happy Monday

Well, Easter is over and the weekend was amazingly long. We spent most of the weekend helping my mom move into their new condo, and then spending time with family for Easter. Yesterday, I cooked most of Easter dinner for Andy's family and my family. It was a nice time, and I think the food all turned out well! I made awesomely yummy potatoes, that I hope I will be able to duplicate again! They were cheesy and creamy... mm mm mm... :)

Adam enjoyed searching for Easter eggs, on Saturday, at church. He also enjoyed making Easter sugar cookies with mommy. He ended up eating the one cookie I let him ice... and only one... boy was that a mess! On Sunday we gave him an Easter basket with some goodies in it. I bought him a Veggie Tales coloring book, a board book, a Spiderman toothbrush and a container of Teddy Grahams. Grandparents took care of the chocolate, for me... and boy did he have enough of that yesterday.

Anyway- this week proves to be like others. Tomorrow is mommy's doctors appointment and mommy also has class. Wednesday is playgroup and youth group. Thursday I think we get to relax! Friday I have mentoring and then it's the weekend again! AH! :) Wish us luck!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

COLD Wednesday

So how does it go from 81 degrees to 33, in a matter of 24 hours?? I don't get it! Yesterday I was wearing a flowing skirt and tank top... and now, I have on jeans, a shirt, and a sweater! AH!

Today we had playgroup with our friends. Seemed to be a fun time! I had fun talking to the other mommies, anyway. The kids seemed to enjoy eating... like always. haha.

We then went out to lunch...just the two of us. Little man decided he didn't want the highchair, today, so he sat in the booth next to mommy, it was VERY cute. :) We then went and bought Easter basket goodies. I am making baskets for my sibs (3 of them) this year, because my mom doesn't have time (she is moving this weekend!). I had SO much fun picking out the goodies. I vowed not to buy all candy, and I didn't. So, I bought little fun goodies as well. Little man's basket is ready to go, as well. I got him a coloring book, a board book, a new tooth brush a package of teddy grahams and a few eggs filled with pennies (he likes FUN DAY! :)

Anyway- hope everyone is well! :) Enjoy the picture. We've decided that chocolate and strawberries are VERY yummy!

Monday, April 2, 2007

Yay for Mondays!

What a pretty day outside, again! Today we visited Once Upon a Child, to buy some more summer clothes and to get rid of some other clothes. Mommee made $7.75 and spent $6.01... Hey, I made a profit still (not too bad! haha).

We then went driving towards home when all of the sudden I hear "Uh Oh, Mommee juice," and then an evil giggle followed! Ahh! I glance behind me to see an entire sippy cup full of water, ALL OVER the front of Little Man. Luckily, we were about 5 minutes from Nana's house, so we made a surprise visit (to use the dryer, of course). Nana thought it was great to see her favorite little man, on a day she didn't think she would get to. So, an hour later... 2 bowls of cheez-its later... and a diaper change later...we are on our way back home, again. Mommee has decided no more sippy cup in the backseat, anymore.

Hope everyone's Monday is treating them well!

And, as for the photo... that's the face I get when he doesn't want his photo taken anymore... I get that face a lot!