Thursday, June 18, 2009

Meet Baby "Grape"

Meet Baby "Grape" (as Andy has named our little bundle of joy!)....

Today I was surprised to get another ultra sound, at my OB appointment. And it was SO cool to see how much this little baby has grown in just 4 weeks. Everything looked great. Baby is even measuring LARGER than before and the new due date is 1/6/2010 (the sooner the better, I think!). Heart rate was 175 BPM (I hear that girls have faster heart rates than boys...hmm) and baby measured at about 2.25 inches. The baby was face up, which was kind of cool, because we could see the eyes, nose and mouth- kinda creepy, becaue the little thing looks like an alien. I gained no weight (and as some of you may remember...I don't gain weight well), so I was told to eat whatever I wanted (yesss). Ummm.... I think that's all to report. We are thrilled! :) I am feeling better, which is such a blessing, and I feel like I am improving everyday. Ahh to feel normal again! :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

11 Week Belly

Here it is... 11 weeks... And while I just look a little bloated- there is a baby emerging! :) Enjoy!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Weekly Wrap

What did I do this week? I know you all want to know!

1) I complained....a lot. I am whiner, this pregnancy. I pity my poor husband, because he has to put up with my whining the most.

2) I actually had a few "good" days. Either that or I am getting used to the illness and learning to cope with it.

3) Adam has become a Lady GaGa and Black Eyed Peas fan. I'm not sure if I should worry or dance with him?! (I am inclined to "just dance...." hehe)

4) I have recently become obsessed with those little dehydrated marshmallows found in sugary cereals, hot cocoa, etc. I have picked most of the marshmallows out of the current box of Lucky Charms in the pantry.

Tell me these don't look luscious?!

5) I spent some of my down time working on Matty's 2nd Bday party. Yes, I said that right... He's turning TWO in less than a month. I can't believe it. And of course, we are having a Thomas party! Here's the invite that is being sent, this week (umm... just act surprised when you get these this week family and friends!):

A train ticket! Brilliant? Yes, I think so. ;) And I blurred my cell number, because, well... I don't want creepers calling me. :)

6) I took the kiddies to see a FREE (There's a fantastic summer program at our local theater, where they show movies, twice a week, for FREE!) movie, this week. It was Matty's first movie. We actually made it through 1 hour of the movie, before we had to leave. I was impressed he made it that long, actually.

7) Did I mention I am leaving on a missions trip in 8 days? Yea. I signed on to be a leader with our youth group before I was pregnant... Here's praying I am better by next week. (oh and yes I said "I"...meaning just me! No hubs. No kiddies. Just moi.)

8) I've been taking silly Facebook quizzes, looking at Lunar calendars and having dreams that I am having a girl. Think it's a sign?

9) I have a bump. And no, I am not taking pictures (yet). I just look like I ate too much for dinner... and really... I just feel fat.

10) I was hoping I'd have ten things for this week. I don't think I do. sigh.

Have a fantastical weekend, my friends! :)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Why It's ok for me to be a *itch.

Yes, people. You saw that right. I....Brittany....have used a naughty word. No, I don't curse normally, because it's just not who I am... and well... it's just nasty and not nice.... but today....TODAY... I feel that this posts deserves a little nasty. Why? Because. I. AM. NASTY.

That's right. Pregnant Brittany is really a very unkind person. Ask my husband.

Why am I unkind? Well...let's make a list:

1) I puke a lot.

wouldn't you be mean if all you did was hug a porcelain toilet? It's cold. It smells bad. and's just plain CRAPPY (ha ha ha).

2) I have zippo energy.

I can't walk 5 steps without being tired. It's sad. I'm not even large and in charge yet, and I am exhausted. Not cool. Makes me mad.

3) I have very little patience for....well....everything.

When I am tired and feel like crud, I have no sympathy for people. I know. It's mean. But you know what? I am suffering and feeling like crap, too. Suck it up and move on people.... Did I mention complainers suck, too? Don't complain.

4) Food is my nemesis.

Enough said. I like to eat. Not eating...makes me mad.

5) When I do eat, I crave bland and gross food.

Again- makes me mad.

6) My husband smells terrible.

Ok. He doesn't really. But whatever crap he is putting under his hairy arms is well... repulsive. Hugging him makes me want to puke. Don't worry...he's aware. He thinks I'm mean.

7) My kids are loud.

Are all kids this loud? Have they ALWAYS been this loud? grr. too loud.

8) Why can't Matty just pee/poop on the potty already?

Changing his diapers... KILLER. I gag and almost puke, every single time. One time... I had to leave his naked little body, so that I could puke. sigh.

9) My house is being neglected.

If you know me... you know I like a clean house. My house...not so clean. Makes me mad.

10) The room is always spinning.

It takes me forever to get from point A to point B. Sometimes this is bad. Do you know what a pregnant woman's bladder is like.... on the THIRD pregnancy? I have very little time to make it, before peeing my pants. This...makes me MAD.

So there you have it my friends. That is why I am a *itch. Grr.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ode to Morning Sickness

O' porcelain god, O' porcelain god,

how we've come to be friends.

I wrap my arms around your body,

in order to not fall in.

Morning, noon, and nighttime, too

it's a lie that it's just in the morning.

Sickness, yuck, and exhaustion, too

leave me quite in mourning.

Someday I'll look back on this,

and laugh....


Someday I'll look back on this,

and be gleeful that it's over.

Because, O' porcelain god,

I hope that you don't mind,

that you are really not my friend,

just a vessel for my once edible disposes.

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Monday, June 1, 2009

The Soccer Trophy

We've decided that Adam is not our soccer player. He tried. He tried really hard. But... he's just not that into it. Every week we had to bribe him to play (or threaten him) and it just really was more stress than it was fun.

BUT- he played one heck of a last game, this weekend. I think it's all because he knew the trophy was coming .... haha. And I of course forgot my camera. But luckily our friends Blueberry and Bean came to see the game, and Blueberry had her camera! yay! :)

So here are some shots from the game:



As for me? I'm sick. WAY sick. I'm already on refill #1 of zofran (anti-puke meds).... I still puke, even with the meds (it's just a little better).... I am grumpy.... I am exhausted... and I am ready for these 9 months to be over!