Tuesday, September 29, 2009

99 bottles of.... Tums? Laxative? Water?..... on the Wall....

99 days. 


Only 99 days of pregnancy left? 

Oh dear. So much to do. So much not to do. 

99 days! 

So much going on here. I am not even sure where to start. Can I do it in list form? I know, lamesauce... but it might be the easiest way to do this:

1) We are just as busy as ever! We are doing all of the normal things: library, Pre-school, Mommy-school, apple picking, crafts, family parties, friend parties, etc. etc. etc. 

2) We are prepping to sell the house.... yes... I said it.... We are going to (hopefully) sell the house and find a new one.... all while doing everything else.

3) I am finally feeling "better"... Had a nice root canal and still get sick about once a week. Things are better. ha ha. 

4) Matty is having minor issues, right now. There's a possibility he has asthma. We have a breathing machine and we are treating him with Albuterol for now. I suppose we just wait and see what happens. Hopefully his breathing issues get better! He also lost some weight...and as some of you know, that has been a struggle for Matty since conception. Hopefully they can get to the bottom of this! 

5) Adam is loving school. He gets notes home every week that talk about how "bright" and "communicative" he is with his fellow students. So why is it he comes home and is a spawn of Satan? hmm...

6) I am sure I am missing something. But that's the rundown of important stuff. 

Want to see some pictures? OF course you do! :) 

Monday, September 7, 2009

Summer's End

I am not convinced summer is gone for good. It's been unusually cool this year, and I have a hunch we are going to have a few more rounds of heat, before summer leaves us for good. Usually, I am all for summer. This year.... not so much. Being prego in the summer, no matter how large or small you are, is not a happy thing! I quite like the 70 degree days, the cool breeze, and the crisp air. This year, I am an autumn girl. And I cannot wait for autumn to officially be here! :)

However, I am very thankful for the sunshine this week! We had a fantastic cookout with friends yesterday. Amy was home, and other friends came out to visit too! It was fantastic! :) And of course, with a fantastic day, there are always fantastic pictures:

Friends for about half our lives. How crazy is that? :) I love you guys!

If there's cake...Matty will be there!

HOME RUN! (Ok, not really, but he tried really hard!)

Love her! (And there's a GOOD possibility she is accepting a job only ONE HOUR away!!!!)

And of course, when there's good weather... There are zoo trips with MORE good friends:

Not so easy to take a picture of four kids... But they sure are CUTE! :)

Happy Labor Day, Friends!