Tuesday, February 23, 2010

100 Things About Me- Eighty-One thru Ninety

Whew. Almost done. Just two more sets left.

Here we goooo....

81) I bite my nails. Bad, nasty, habit... I've done it for as long as I can remember. But I am a somewhat nervous person, and that's how I handle it. 

82) I've been told I have a unique laugh. I'm not sure that's really a good thing. Honestly, I don't like it. I feel like it's too over the top. 

83) I won't laugh, if it's not funny. So if I don't think your joke is funny... I won't laugh out of sympathy. 

84) I snort, when I laugh really hard. 

85) I typically only wear silver jewelery. My wedding ring is the only gold I wear all of the time. Other than that, I own mostly silver, and wear mostly silver.

86) I always have a hair tie around my right wrist (you never know when you'll have to put your hair up!). The boys have started to want to wear one because of it. It's pretty cute. :)

87) I LOVE shoes. I really do. But I won't spend money on them. I'm just not one for spending a lot of money on things that are constantly hitting the dirty, yucky, ground. 

88) I have been doing Jillian Michael's workouts... umm... and... I kind of hate her and her toned little abs it's the best workout EVER! :) 

89) I don't like to drink hot tea (or cold really). I will drink peppermint if I am in the mood and that's all. I could however drink an entire factory of Hot Chocolate. 

90) I have a love hate relationship with the show LOST. I've watched it since the beginning, but this "Final Season," is just driving me CRAZY! I can't wait until they reveal everything. I must know! I must! 

Alrighty...Only a few, fun, facts left! :) Hope you've been entertained, thus far! 

Monday, February 22, 2010

2 Month Chloe

Don't you just wanna squeeze her?! :)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

100 Things About Me- Seventy-One thru Eighty

Part: I lost count the last round, and I still haven't caught up....

71) My Birthday is in 2 weeks. The last two years, my Birthday hasn't been the greatest experiences. Two years ago we had a massive snow storm. Last year, was a really bad day and we had to have a "re-do" the following day. This year.... we'll see.....

72) I'm closer to 30 this coming year. I'm no longer a young 20, a mid-20, but alas... a "late" 20. That made me throw-up a little. 

73) I've been playing my Wii a lot lately. I'm not usually a video game person (not like when I was a kid! I certainly have played my share of Duck Hunt and Super Mario Brothers). BUT- Andy got me the CSI game...and well... I love it big. I hear I should be getting a Wii Fit (finally!) for my Birthday. But that's just what I've heard. ;)  

Why couldn't we shoot the dog? Not fair. 

74) My favorite shampoo is Fructis. I love it. It's "mommy's smell." So how could I not love it? Whenever Adam smells it in the store, he says it smells like "mommy." I love that! :)

75) I have naturally wavy hair. It curls if I put the right stuff in it and scrunch it all up. I usually straighten it, though. I love my straightener. 

76) My hair is black (or dark brown). I color it lighter. I just don't like the black. Too dark. (sorry, mom!)

77) I've been stuck in the house for a week. The kids have all been sick. I've been sick. We had a large snowstorm. It's been the pits.I really am starting to go stir crazy. 

78) When Andy and I were first married, I  told him if we were to have kids, that I wanted to have them all before the age of 30. Thankfully, with the arrival of Chloe, we met that goal. No more kiddos for us. So stop asking.

Look at how ROTTEN cute they are! :)

79) I am a Pittsburgh STEELERS fan.Which I hear is wrong, since my dad's side of the family (including my dad) loves the BROWNS (booo).

80) I don't watch sports, really. I will watch the Steelers. I watched the CAVS, but only when Ashley was home (and she made me). And we sometimes will watch the Buckeye games. But I am content with hearing the scores and going on with life. 
That's all for now! :) Hope you enjoyed this installment!

Friday, February 19, 2010

100 Things About Me- Sixty-One thru Seventy

Part... I have no idea.... I've lost count!

61) If a drink has carbonation, I must drink it with full carbonation. If it loses it's fizz....It loses me as its drinker.

62) I love purses. All shapes. All sizes. Most colors (love the RED ones!). And I'm not obsessed with the name brand. I just want something that is pretty and can hold my junk!

63) Soup and salads.... the only thing I order when I go out to eat. Seriously. Anywhere. It's a cold day in "you know where" if I order something else. Unless I go to a china buffet...Then I eat the Chinese goodness!

64) I love going to Panera, to study, and people watch. There are some interesting people who eat/drink coffee at this place. Try it. You'll like it. 

65) OH. Hospitals. Another cool place to people watch. 

66) Speaking of "OH!" I love it that my kids enjoy screaming out "O-H" at random, in stores, at the library, etc. in order to hear another Buckeye fan yell back "I-O!" I've taught my kids well. 

67) I love crafting with my boys (and soon with Chloe too!). We make a lot of crafts throughout the week. I try to do crafts dealing with whatever is going on in the world. For example, this week we did Olympic crafts and Mardi Gras crafts. That way they are learning, while having fun!

68) I have a heated blanket...and I love it. I am a very COLD person. Literally... My hands and feet are always cold.

69) Thrift stores. Enough said. One of my favorite places EVER! I love looking for deals! Once I found a Kathy Van Zeeland (an authentic one!) wallet at our local thrift store, for $2.00. It was an $80.00 wallet! Now that's a deal. 

70) I can't do any cool tricks with my tongue, ears, or nose. It makes me a little sad. I wish I could at least roll my tongue or wiggle my ears. No talent in my face, apparently!? :) 

Stay tuned! We're almost through! Hopefully I've not bored you (is that the right way to say that?)!

Monday, February 15, 2010

100 Things About Me- Fifty-One thru sixty

Part 6... the saga continues... 

51) I love candles. I love smelly candles. They make me happy. 

52) I own way too many clothes (and I realize this). and right now...that's not a good thing. Many of my shirts don't fit me, because of the...umm... feeding of the child... and things are larger... It makes me sad. I want to wear some of my favorite shirts, and can't. 

53) I like to watch The Biggest Loser while eating...is that a problem? 

54) My favorite colors are teal and darker reds

55) My current kitchen is red. I love it. I wonder if I'll want to paint the next one that way?

56) I don't like lace. I just don't. Nothing lacy for me, please. 


Oh, this is "in"??? I don't care. You look like you belong on a grandma's table...
57) Lists make me happy. I feel like I've accomplished something, when I've finished a list for the day. 

* get up- check
* brush teeth- check
* Go crazy, due to children- double CHECK

58) I'm OCD. No, really... I am. Sometimes I get up three or four times, at night, just to check the temperature in the house, before going to bed. I have to clean my house in the certain order, on specific days.... If I break routine, I kinda lose it. It's ok, I'm dealing with it. But I'm sure it drives the husband crazy. 
59) I'm glad he puts up with me. He loves me, even though I'm a nut job. See yesterday's post for further information on that!

60) I LOVE to go to TARGET! LOVEEEE IT!! I could get lost in that store. I love their clearance. It makes my heart happy. :)
Well, that's 6... 4 more to go! :)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

100 Things About Me- Forty-One thru Fifty

Part 5- halfway point!

I took a few days off, to think about this a little more... Or because I was running out of ideas, and I'm not even halfway through. So here we go! :)

41) I have an amazing husband. I've known him for 10 years. We've been an item for 9.5 years and I've been married to him for 8.5 years. He's an amazing man. Truly. He has to put up with me-- and let me tell you, that's not easy! ;) He's also an amazing father. My best friend. And a man of God. What more could I want?

Oh...right...and he's H O T!

42) Did I mention I met him in High School? We went to the same prom...but with different dates... and we went on dates at parks, because we couldn't afford much else.

43) We were blessed to be married by my Grandfather. He was pretty sick and had just had surgery, but performed our wedding anyway. I still feel so blessed, by that... especially now that he's gone; it's always a special memory I have of him.

44) We'd like to renew our vows at 10-years. So....next year... I can't wait!

45) My daddy, a chef, did all of our wedding food. It was amazing! He even carved fruit and vegetables. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing!

46) I've thought about doing wedding/party planning as a hobby or profession. Maybe I will someday?

47) Speaking of hobbies... I need more. I used to paint. I used to write poetry. I used to read novels. I need to do those again.

48) I need to write a cookbook. Another dream of mine. I love to create food. I need to make a cookbook for moms! Maybe I will.

49) I love soda...pop...soda pop... whatever you call it. Cherry Coke...the best!

50) I have to have my toes painted at all times. I don't care what season it is: they have to be painted! :) I prefer dark maroons or pinks.

I hope you've enjoyed part 5...stay tuned for part 6 in the coming day or two! :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

100 Things About Me- Thirty-One thru forty

Part 4 is ready to roll... I hope I actually HAVE 100 things to share! :)

31) I really can't stand laundry. It's the one chore that NEVER goes away. And even once you're done....there are still people in the house wearing clothes-- thus causing more laundry! 

32) I like cleaning. It's therapeutic. And the smell, shine, and overall CLEAN makes me very happy! :) 

33) I love one-on-one time with my kids. I mean, I really love it. They make me smile, for different reasons, and are so special and unique! 

34) I like reality shows. There, I said it. I like them. I like them. I like them. 

35) I had a really awesome Minnie Mouse kitchen, growing up. It was my all time favorite toy. It was red, white and black. It had an oven door and a sink. It was amazing. And I had a slew of Fisher Price fake food. They don't make good fake food, like they used to! ;) 

36) My older sister and I used to do some silly things, to occupy our time. I would sit in the bathroom with her, while she did her business, and we would pretend there was a monster living under the sink. She would turn off the light and talk like the monster. I knew there wasn't really one, but played a long for her sake... ;)

37) I don't like foam. I actually fear it. It's gross feeling and makes me cringe. I guess I won't own one of those foam beds...ever.... 


38) I enjoy working out. I love the endorphins I have after the workout! LOVE it! :) Now I just need to find the time to start doing it again. Much harder to fit in a good workout with three kids.

39) I like to plan parties. Love it, really. I could do it as a profession. I put a lot of time into my parties. I plan it down to every single little detail. It's fun!

40) I think it's hilarious that furniture and mattresses are on sale during various "holidays". (i.e.- President's Day, Labor Day, Memorial Day) Seriously- watch for the ads.... They're coming! 

Whew. Almost halfway done!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

100 Things About Me- Twenty One thru Thirty

Part 3

21) I was (am) a huge nerd growing up. I knew it then... and was completely ok with it....for the most part.

22) I graduated H.S. early, because I wanted to get on with my life. I had plans to become a doctor....and then a teacher... and ended up getting married instead. I am STILL in college, but with only a few classes to go. I will have a degree in communications. No doctor... but that's ok! :) 

23) My name is Brittany Sinzinger, and I am addicted to coffee. Any kind, any size, any shape.... 

Hook me up! (Gizmodo.com)

24) I really do love to cook. It's a hobby that I've grown into. I especially like to cook low-fat, low-calorie, and healthy. Too bad I married a person who loves everything FRIED and hot dogs are his idea of a fancy meal. 

25) Apparently I have "Brittany-isms." Do I really say "BOO" that often? ha ha. I like the phrase "son of a biscuit" too. Oh...and "Piece of Crap on Rye"... I dunno... Where do I get these things? And why do they involve bread products? 

26) I have a massive sweet tooth. I love candy. I have a drawer I "hide" it in... It's not hidden; everyone knows where it is. Touch it and die. Oh. And while I love candy... I am not a huge fan of chocolate. blech.

27) Candy of choice: Mike and Ikes and Sour gummy items (any and all!)

28) I LOVE grocery shopping. LOVE it. This probably stems from my obsession with food- but really it's because I love to clip coupons and see what I can get for free. See- when we were first married, we were so poor... (we lived in a postage stamp and couldn't afford $315 rent...it was sad) Our grocery budget was about $25-$35 for an entire month...and honestly, that was pushing it, because we really couldn't even afford that. SO- I had to get creative, and I learned how to cheat the system, get things for free, and spend close to nothing on a lot of food! :) And even though we aren't those poor kids anymore, I still like to cheat the system...for kicks and giggles, you know. :) 

29) I've only had two paying jobs in my life. Both were at teacher supply stores. (And babysitting, of course...I think every teenage girl does this at some point)

30) I want to do missionary work. I'm still praying for God to work in such ways that this is in our future.... I really have a heart for the poor and for those who need to hear the wonderful Gospel. I pray that someday we can take a trip (family trip??) somewhere (anywhere!) and help those who are in need! 

Feeling enlightened? Missed the last two posts? Find them HERE and HERE!

100 Things About Me- Eleven thru Twenty

Here's the 2nd installment of this very exciting series.... (If I do say so myself!) Enjoy!

11) I've had this lifelong dream to write a children's book. Maybe I'll still do it someday?

12) I actually started to write one, awhile back. It was about a turtle....

13) I don't have many hobbies. Who has time? I wish I had more time for myself. If I did, I would: read more, write more, paint more, listen to more music, cook more (I do this a lot already, though), go to more thrift stores, ebay more (sell, not buy), and I'd actually clean out my car (I know...not a hobby...but it realllly needs to be cleaned!).

14) My Car's name is Kronk. I am fond of Him.

15) I've only gotten a traffic ticket once in my life. I've actually only been pulled over twice... Both events took place in ANDY'S car... and the ticket wasn't for speeding.... it was for his dark tinted windows (illegal windows).... and the other time I was pulled over, was because we were profiled during a "drug check-point" in Michigan. Seriously. What does this tell you about my husband's car?

16) When I was in 6th grade, my BFF and I were going to save the world. We had a club called the Ocelot Club. We raised money to help save the Ocelot.

Totally cute and worth saving...right? :)

17) This same BFF and I were highly obsessed with Counting Crows. No, not the act of doing so, but the band. And when I say "obsessed" I mean...OBSESSED. Look, Jessica even wrote a book. http://www.amazon.com/Crow-Talk-Definitive-Guide-Counting/dp/0970016204

18) Speaking of this addiction. We spent many years traveling around and seeing this band. I can't even count how many times I've seen them live, let alone how many Christmas presents/Birthday presents went into these concerts. I am sure my parents spent thousands of dollars on tickets. But, we made a lot of awesome friends and befriended band members. We were groupies... it's true. 

19) I once held a concert, with the help of a school sponsored club, with a band that traveled with Counting Crows, Joe 90. They came, played a concert at our school, and we raised money for some cause (I don't even remember what it was). 

20) That concert was the 2nd time I met Andy- he was dating a friend of mine. He touched my butt that night (no joke), and tried to play it off as an accident. I later find out that he really was just trying to touch my butt. sigh.  

To be continued.....

Sunday, February 7, 2010

100 Things About Me- One thru ten

So, I've decided to do a series of "things about me," in order to share a little bit about myself--- that and I am running out of things to blog about! :) So, I am going to so 10 separate posts, with 10 random facts= 100 facts about me! :) Want to do this too? Feel free! Just let me know if you do, so I can read your facts too! :) 
Here we go- counting UP to 100: 

1) I have 4 siblings. I talk about them a lot. They are very important to me, and I love them very much! Because 3 of the siblings are younger- I am kind of a momma-hen to them. And sometimes, because I am the way I am, I am momma-hen to the older sib, too! ;)

2) Of those 4, only one is a boy. Poor Trevor. 

3) I never wanted children, until I got married. And even then, I didn't want children until I was told I possibly couldn't have any. (heh- we proved them wrong, eh!?)

4) I hate snow. and cold weather. 

5) I lived in Illinois (Chicago suburbs) for the first 5 years of my life. 

6) I get made fun of, because I have a slight Chicago "accent," mixed with an Ohio "accent." Not sure what it sounds like, but apparently I have it?! (apparently I drag out my vowel sounds and pronounce them "incorrectly"...whatever. psh.)

7) I've lived in Central Ohio for 22 years. 

8) I'd love to live in another state, someday. 

9) I am a Pittsburgh Steelers Fan! 

10) I would live in Pittsburgh... or Philly... or anywhere in PA. 

Stay tuned for 11-21, in the coming days... :)