Wednesday, January 30, 2008

An Award :)

One Scrappy Chicklet has given me an award! I have to admit, I am a nerd, and I always get so excited when I get awards or when people just comment on my posts. I actually will call my hubby at work and say "I have 20 comments" or "someone likes me and gave me an award." All while, I am sure, his eyes are glazing over and he's thinking "why in the world did I marry this woman?" And then he remembers I have a nice.... sense of humor.

Anyway- for some reason Miss Chicklet believes I am Excellent!! :) Thanks, for thinking I am excellent and thanks to anyone who actually reads this blog! :) I appreciate it.

Anyway- I have the privilege to pass on this award to 10 other blogging buddies. So, here I go:

1) Cheeky- Her page is covered in Flamingos and pink. Need I say more?

2) Jennifer- This woman puts Martha Stewart to shame! Her crafts and ideas are SO cute! Plus, she just a sweet lady and I love reading her posts! (and while she has already received this, it wasn't from me...soooo there)

3) Sassy- I love her. She makes me laugh, with her posts, daily. Plus she always comments on my fair skin and youthful look- I love her even more when she says that. ha ha.

4) Sarah- She loves her boys as much as I love mine. She has a bread machine, I slightly envy, and I am sure she's eating nice warm bread right now. sigh. :)

5) Kim- I've not been reading her blog long, but I like her a lot. She takes great photos and has the cutest little nephews and niece!

6) Kelly- I love reading this blog. Plus, she is up for some blogging awards-- GO VOTE! :)

7) Beth- Another blog I have not been reading long, but one I've really enjoyed reading! Something about this mommy is just so special. She is one I would love to know in person! :)

8) Bradley- This is one of my favorite blogs to read. A stay at home papa with one of the cutest little guys I ever saw!

9) Arizaphale- I just love this woman. Seriously, if I ever make to Aussie one day, I am searching her out. And I have a feeling she'd let me :)

10) Kim- Not only are Will and Lauren super cute, this mommy is spunky and fun! She takes great photos and tells great stories! Great blog to read! :)

Whew. I wish I could give out more! I love all of my blogging buddies. So if you're reading this, and I didn't mention you, don't worry... I love you! :)


Beth said...

Thank you so much for the award!
And I have to say,I agree...your blog is EXCELLENT!

Kim said...

Oh that's cool! That's very cool! Wow! Hehe, thanks! Your blog is excellent as well!

Cheeky said...

OH THANK YOU!! I think you are pretty EXCELLENT too!!

Bradley's Mom said...

Thank you for giving my wonderful son such a lovely award!

I LOVE your blog........I don't always comment, but I read it frequently!

Have a great day!!!


Don Mills Diva said...

I am truly honored! Thank you so much!

The Egel Nest said...

Brittany -

I accept this award with honor...your blog is most certainly excellent!

I also get similar eye rolls from the beautiful wife...but she affords me the time to blog and supports my blog addiction :)

Thanks for such nice comments about the nest and also for your consistent patronage of my humble little blog :)

Much love,

The Egel Nest

kim said...

Brittany - so nice of you to think of me. I'm honored! I'll be sure to post this excellent award first chance I get tomorrow. (since I'm looking at t minus 30 minutes and counting for bedtime)
You're the best. Thank you!

Golightly said...

You go girl! You deserve it because you are excellent.


Arizaphale said...

Oh Poo!!!! Now I wish I had gone with my gut and given out lots of awards!!!!!!!!!! :-( Serves me right for being so teacher-y!!!! :-D But anyway, now you are officially EXCELLENT even though we all knew it already!! Thank you so much for giving me an E too. You are also officially one of the sweetest gals in the blogosphere. you bet your sweet a** you can look me up if you're in Aus!!!! You could even stay but I'm afraid our house comes with a 'sulky teenager' warning :-D
Anyway. You GO GIRL........

Sassy said...

OK OK, I will get you a scone to go with your coffee, you don't have to bribe me....I ADORE your blog and I just know, we would be BFF if you lived in Texas, there is no denying it!

(check is in the mail)wink wink

<3 Sassy

melody is slurping life said...

Congratulations, well-deserved and your choices are excellent as well.

Christina said...

yay, congrats on another award! You're getting quite the collection! :o)