Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Matty is #1- Please VOTE!

I entered Matty in this silly contest, thinking nothing of it...and well... he is currently NUMBER ONE!!

Click below, and you can vote too! :) Thanks!!

Parents Photo Faves

Feel free to post this on your blog, facebook, twitter! It would be so cool if Matty WON! :) Thanks, friends!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Just Like Daddy

I think Princess C is looking more and more like her daddy.... And I can't say that she isn't beautiful... because...well...  


I still find it amazing that I have a daughter. a DAUGHTER. 

I love dressing her. 



I love it all! 

Wouldn't you, too... if you had a princess in the house? :) 

Monday, March 22, 2010

House Selling is the Pits.

So we thought we had this house selling thing in the bag. While yes, the economy is still on the rise and house sales are still down, we have the perfect house for this economy! It's in good condition, it's a great size, and it's "cheaper." We can get away with selling it for cheaper, still make a profit, and go on our way... orrr... NOT. 

House selling....



P I T S! 

We've had an amazing amount of foot traffic, but no one wants to commit. 

Maybe they're afraid "something is wrong with it," because it's cheaper for its size.

Maybe people don't want that nice tax incentive, after all.... 

Maybe people are picky... 

Maybe people like playing with my emotions... Maybe....

Maybe we aren't meant to move? I mean. There has to be a plan in all of this. 



Tell me there's a plan. 

It's hard keeping a house C L E A N 24/7 with three kids, under the age of 5! 

Maybe I just need to trust that there's a plan. Let go. Step back. And stop worrying. 
Yes...that's what I need to do. 

Besides-- I have these beauties to obtain my focus... :) 

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

March=Spring=Happy Mommee

For those of you who know me (or reading this blog for awhile) know how I feel about winter. You know how much I can't stand the cold or the snow for which Ohio is a magnet! I loathe it. Despise it. It's down right depressing. 

March. A great month. My birth month. the month that SPRING begins.

Green popping up everywhere. 

Laughter, by children... PLAYING outside, instead of INSIDE. 


Blue skies. 


I DO so love March!

And WE have been loving it... and playing.... and enjoying warmth, instead of COLD! 

As you see, we've been busy!

"Baby" Carli turned TWO! (My niece: Remember when she was born?)  Look at how much she and Chloe looked alike at the beginning... crazy. We've been zoo tripping, painting, celebrating birthdays, and MOMMEE got to leave the house ALONE for a girls' night. Life is good.

How has March been treating you? 

Sunday, March 14, 2010

It's Hard Being the Princess

* Almost 3 Months Old... Yes, that's right... THREE

* Loved by two big brothers

* Smiling at every chance she gets

* Held at the drop of a cry.... 

* Cuddled whenever she wants it...and sometimes when she doesn't want it! 

* Beautiful BLUE eyes!

* Called "Princess Chloe," by her loving brother, Adam. 

* Rolling all over the place! I think she's gearing up to GET away from her brothers! 

* Tries to say so much.... Once she starts talking, I fear she's never going to stop!

* Loves her pink butterfly toy! 

* Likes to play dress up with her mommy... well... that's at least what I tell myself!

* Is starting to really like her daddy, too! Sometimes she wants daddy and not mommy; and that is a VERY good thing to daddy! 

It's HARD being the Princess!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Being Mr. Big

Oh... My Adam. Being the biggest brother has been and is going to be a lot for this kiddo. Adam, by default, is the "good example," and the one to show his siblings the way. He has been such an amazing blessing, to our family, and I don't know what I would do without him. 

Adam is....






sometimes a little emotional

a good friend

a good brother


a dinosaur lover

inventive (in"ben"tion maker, he says)

a book lover

My little Bubba, and I love him VERY much!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Being Little Brother

Matthew is well into his two's and it's very obvious.... I remember this time with Adam, and I remember not enjoying it at times, and completely enjoying it other times. The "terrible two's" are very apparent in our home. But it's fun to see how different Matthew is, and how he is his own person.

Here's a little about our Mr. Matty: 

He has to do everything on his own. "Me do it, mommy!" 

He is a VERY picky eater! I don't allow him to only eat 3 or 4 foods, like he would like to do, and it's a constant battle. 

He has to have his way...all of the time!

If he wants something, it's "RIGHT NOW!". Patience is not a virtue, to this 2 year old!

He is SUPER silly. He thinks he's funny and he loves to make jokes. 

He loves his brother and sister very much. Even when he's having a grumpy day, he never takes it out on his siblings. 

He loves his daddy very much! They've been spending some alone time together, and it's really helping them forge a wonderful relationship! 

He likes books-- we read a lot!

He lovvvveessss Hotwheels. He could play with cars all day, if I let him!

He likes to help me cook and clean. So, he's domestic too! ;) 

He is still taking breathing treatments, everyday, for his asthma. We've modified a lot of his environment and he's taking extra protein and vitamins. Thankfully, he is under control and we've had no more breathing issues. 

He's still in 18-24 month clothing. He's almost 3 and is in clothing half his size. He's just pint size! :) 

He's the perfect fit for our family, and OH so very special! :)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

My little Sister has a Blog! :)

Remember Ashley? Yea, my not so little sister.... WELL she has come into the blog world! Go say "Hi!" and tell her I sent you! :) 


Monday, March 1, 2010

100 Things about me- The FINAL countdown!

Well, this is it...the final 10 random and crazy facts about Moi! Did I save the best for last? You be the judge... 

91) I'm afraid of getting "in trouble." Seriously. I hate it. I don't like the idea of doing something wrong and facing the consequence. Maybe this is a good thing? I'm a "do gooder" because of it? Who knows. 

92) I love serving others. It's one of my spiritual gifts. I LOVE, love, love taking meals to families who need it, and I love just doing for other people. I would give everything I have to someone, if they needed it.And I am not saying this to "toot my own horn," I am just sharing it because it's true, and because it's something I really feel great about!

93) On the flip-side, I can't stand taking from others. I have a hard time accepting help and "things" from others. I would much rather muddle through and do it myself. I need to be more humble and accept help when I need it.

94) I am a perfectionist. Did you gather that? 

95) I sing in the shower. I sing in the car. I dance in the car. People tend to giggle at me, when they pull up beside me. I don't care. I like to sing and dance. 

96) I love vegetarian food. LOVE it. I could do without meat...really...I could (despite what you say, Jessica!). I tried it once in 6th grade... and then I ate a chicken nugget at lunch- needless to say, my BFF, Jessica, didn't find the whole thing amusing, since she was the reason I became a vegetarian. 

97) This same BFF once threw a CD at my head, in a heated discussion we were having... while in a creepy hotel...in Pittsburgh... Good times. 

98) I have a hard time believing I will be 27 next week. I feel 16 still... I act 16 still... sometimes I use the word "like" far too much. 

99) I could eat cereal for every meal and every snack, and be a very happy person. Tiny, dehydrated, marshmallows... LOVE them!




random fact.....



100)  My name is Brittany Ann Marie Stickel Sinzinger.... and I.... have a really long name....wish I could eat bon bons and watch television all day. Can't decide what to make as my 100th fact. Would like to own my own business someday. Have too many facts to share with you. Too bad I'm not really that interesting of a person. Thank for reading! :)

Ok... for real.... 

100) I have a STRONG desire to own my own business someday. Wedding/party planning? PR firm? Who knows. I can't wait to see where I am lead and what is in store! :) Maybe I'll write one of those books I desire to write! Who knows?!