Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dooby-Dooby-Doo an Update or Two.

Since I've been MIA for so long, I figured I should catch ya'll up on what's been going on in our house. Is that ok? Ok, good. And I am going to do it in a list-kinda-sorta-way. Why? Because it's my blog, and I wanna. :) 

Here we go: 

1) The house is off the market. It just wasn't selling. My nerves couldn't handle it. And I needed to know where Adam was going to go to school this year. So, it will be back on the market at the end of winter. yay-hoo!

2) I am entering my last TWO semesters of school. E V E R. I can't wait to be done! Sadly, these are going to be two very rough semesters. 

3) Adam starts Pre-Kindergarten in just a few days. I can't wait. Am I terrible or what? I can't wait to have a little downtime... a little time with just TWO kids... quiet. nice. and. quiet. 

4) Matty is NOT starting pre-school this year, as he could. His asthma has just been too bad lately. We are on all new meds. Besides them turning him into a steroid-raging maniac, he's doing GREAT! ;) (Seriously... roid-rage is a real thing, people! And in a THREE year old, it's like watching the Exorcism, in real life)

5) We're going on vacation at the end of this week! I cannot wait. Camping here we come! :)

6) The husband and I are addicted to Rock Band, for the Wii. I am not a game person. Not at all. And well...this...this is stellar! I kinda get into it, too... dancing and all. It's awesome. 

there has to be more.... hmmm.... 

7) Oh. yes. Chloe has two nice bottom teeth, now! :) She's been cutting them both (at once) all week. It's been a drooly, snotty, and fevery week! Not fun. And she's kinda dramatic about it. The boys were never this dramatic. GIRLS are dramatic. but not me

8) I just realized that I really can't stand it when two people put their hands into a bag of chips/pretzels (whatever) at the same exact time. It's uncomfortable. 

9) So, I have to get a job once I graduate. You know, those student loans don't pay themselves. I think they should. But alas, they don't... so I have to... boo. Anyone need PR? Anyone? Anyone at all? A communicator? Marketer? Anything? :) 

10) Little sister Ashley went back to college. Junior- in college. Is that possible? She turns 20 in less than a week. Is that possible? Little sister Emily is 17. She is a Junior in High School. And the youngest...Trevor... a Sophomore in High School. How does this happen? Who said they could grow?! :(

Well, I think that's all. I have no new photos. Shame on me. I will get on that, for this week. I promise! :)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Just Some Photos :)

It's feeling like fall around here.... I kinda want summer to stick around. I am not a fan of cold weather...or the dreaded "S" word... snnoo..... I can't even say it. And I won't. Maybe it will miss us this year? Maybe? :)

We are gearing up for Adam to return to school next week! A new school! :) We can't wait, and we feel very blessed that we were able to find him such a wonderful school. 

Want to see some pictures, like I promised? Of course you do! :)

Here are my babes (if you're my FB've seen just pretend you haven't!): 

Friday, August 20, 2010

8 Months

As you can see, having three kiddies has made it impossible for me to keep up with blogging. I am hoping once Adam starts school, things will calm down a little and I will have more time to blog. 


It's a big day!

Chloe is EIGHT months OLD! :) 

Can you believe it? 

Me neither. 

She does so much:

* Crawls

* Cruises (will she be walking by 9 months, like Adam? Maybe?!)

* Talks

* Eats everything in sight!

* Signs "more" when she's hungry

* Loves her brothers

* Loves her "mama" and "dada" 

* Plays with toys

* Likes watching the boys rough house

* and has PERFECTED being CUTE! :)

I love my girl! :)