Sunday, August 31, 2008

BSM: Handy Helper

What were Adam and Daddy building? Stay tuned to find out! :)

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Weekly Wrap

1) The appointment went well today. A little uncomfortable, and I'm a bit sore but I cannot complain too much. Hopefully I will know something early next week. :)

2) I think I've finally found something "age appropriate" for Adam in which to participate. YAY! I feel so sorry for this kid; it's not his fault he's two months too young for EVERYTHING (school, soccer, Awana at church (a bible study for children)...etc. etc.). Yet, he is SO smart and he knows that all of his friends are doing things that he "can't" do. grr. So, I found a church group that he can go to once a week, that is a lot like Awana and I am SO excited for him! :)

I mean, you tell THIS face no... It's so hard to do. sigh.

3) THREE day weekend! yay! :)

4) My husband and I had lunch ALONE today. It was amazing, and so much fun.

5) I need to keep eating ice cream. I've gained NO weight. AH!

6) To answer some of your questions: I've been reading books by Harold Robbins. He's a really intense writer, but oh so good! :) I just finished "Never Leave Me."

7) Wii. Yea, 'nough said. I'm hooked.

8) My babies have been gone ALL day. You'd think I would be in heaven, but I really miss them and I don't know what to do with my free time... Anyone else have this problem, when they actually get some alone time?

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend! :)

I leave you with the world's funniest photo... Ash took this picture of Matt with her glasses on. It's blurry, but it's just so darn funny! :)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

TT: Summer's End

As summer ends, we spent yesterday afternoon with our friends Karen and Kayla. You may remember Kayla from Amy's wedding. You know, the flower girl, 4 years older than Adam, and his new "girlfriend," as he likes to call her. (I know, I know... no breaking Bean's heart. Trust me, I've had this conversation with him... sigh. He says "They are two (I think he meant the number 2) my girlfriends." sigh.

Anyway- here's to you, Summer. Thanks for the sun, the warmth, the flowers, and fun times like these:

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

a Legal Adult

So, in just a few days my not so little sister (who is sitting here in my clothes, and doing my work for playgroup tomorrow...tee hee) turns 18. Yes, legal. 18. I know you've all read about how much I love this kid: like she's my own.
So, on Friday night we had a Bday dinner for her at a yummy Italian restaurant and all of her closets friends were there. We had a wonderful dinner, and it was actually really fun to hang out with "teenagers" again. I tell ya, I'm still one at heart. I laughed and joked as much as they did (ok, maybe more... and maybe I sounded dumb doing it, but I don't care!).

We've also been frequenting visits with the "love" interest from the summer's trip. Remember how I joked about her meeting her future spouse? uh huh. Joke no more. Joooke noooo more.

He can be seen in the photos below. I am sure you will all know which young man is the suitor.

Anyway... here are some photos from the night! :) Just a few. Oh... and of Emily stealing a Mustang. She really tried to get in the car. It was hilarious. sigh.

Happy 18th, Ashley
! I love you forever. (Now please go home; you've been here for over a week. :) )

Monday, August 25, 2008

One of Those Moments

Adam is my little angel. He's also a little crazy. He's a little grumpy. He's very persistent. He's a leader. He's one of the reason's I smile everyday, and today was no different.

Tonight I wasn't home, when Andy put Adam to bed. I ran out to get some last minute supplies for playgroup, this week. When I got home, Adam was waiting for me. Not wanting to sleep. Crying. And, in his words, "sad because you (I) were in your car."

AKA- "I am a momma's boy and I need you to put me to bed!"

I'm ok with this scenario.

So, I take him into bed, allow him to take two books to bed with him, "tuck,tuck" him in, kiss him on the forehead and attempt to walk away from him, when I hear:

A: "Mommy, mommy, moooommmmy," in a very faint and sweet voice.

Me: "Yes, love?"

A: "Mommy, daddy didn't pray with me. Pray please?"

Me: "Ok, what do you want to pray about?"

A: "Poison Ivy!" (Adam and daddy both have poison ivy. Adam's is MUCH less worse than daddy's, but he's still itchy and not feeling well from it- but really, this is another story!!)

Me: "Ok."

So we pray about the poison ivy, we pray for our playdate with Kayla tomorrow, we prayed for Mommy, Daddy, and Matthew; we prayed for the nice weather and thanked God for the beautiful blue sky, and then we prayed for a smooth week, and no wet underwear! (It was a long prayer, I know)

A: "Thank you, Mommy. I love you."

AND then it happened, the moment. He looked so sweet, so angelic, so pure. He opened his eyes, his wide green eyes, and looked straight into my eyes. We held our gaze, for what seemed like hours, and I felt a bond with my son that I have never felt before.

I broke the gaze, by saying:

Me: "Adam, you mean the world to me. I am so glad you're my little boy."

Adam: "I like living with you too, mommy... I'll see kayla tomorrow, right?"
Moment broken.

Me: "Yes, Bubba. G'night"

A: "G'night, sleep tight!"

I love those moments. I could see right into the soul of my son. His sweet tenderness, his innocence, it was all there just wanting and waiting for me to consume it. And, I did. All of it!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

BSM: Brotherly Love

We had our kids 20 months apart, in hopes that someday they would be the best of friends.

I never imagined that "someday" would be so soon...

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Random Thoughts

* I'm in a super grumpy mood today. Look at me funny, and I might just shoot beams out of my eyes.

* I spent the day yesterday with my friend, mr. toilet. Seriously. FIND SOMETHING wrong with me and fix it already! Please, Lord. PLEASE. Maybe that's why I am grumpy today; I need to eat something and keep it in me.

* Sorry, friends, I am not changing my layout back. I like my new look. I am working on a new header, with newer photos. So... sorry if you liked the old one; I like the new one. (the beams are out!)

* Sometimes I wonder if I could get an IV with coffee in it. I could just roll around an IV stand, and Matthew/Adam could just jump on the bottom for a ride. It could work.

* My daddy has informed me that he has to have a biopsy done on something found on his liver. He's had a lot of liver issues, and has been really sick (hmm like me) over the past few years. I know I've posted some about it. Anyway- one more thing to add to that list of prayers.

* Lord, why? Why so much? I pray for burdens to be lifted, grumpiness to fade, and for the health of my loved ones (and myself, too, please) to be better and for us all to be well.

* Matthew has become a growth on my hip. It's not a tumor. ha ha ha.

* Where is my coffee drip? NURSE!

* Yes, I've lost it. If I ever had it.

* The Olympics are over. I am slightly depressed over it.

* I sent my husband to church alone. Well, not alone. With Adam. Because, the tumor couldn't leave my hip.

* This week is SO busy. We have a sing along tomorrow, a playdate, PLAYGROUP starts this week (I am so excited for this!!) and my tests are on Thursday. Busy. I actually have something BIG going on everyday and I am very excited (well, minus Thursday... not so excited about that).

* Ok, the randomness is over. Enjoy your day, everyone! :)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Weekly Wrap

1) Today coffee is my friend. I didn't fall asleep until after 2:30 this morning. sigh.

2) I don't start classes until September 29th! (WOO HOO!)

3) I have read TWO books (that are NOT text books) in the last month. I don't think I've read a book, outside of that, in over three years.

4) I have a baby with "I cry when you put me down" syndrome, today. This one might be infectious; I kind of want to cry.

5) Adam told me that he had been "assaulted," yesterday. He then laughed hysterically. hmm.

6) We had a wonderful lunch with my Aunt Connie and Grandma, on Wednesday. Here are some photos from our lunch:

(this one is kind of blurry and I couldn't fix it... but I just love it anyway!)

7) I finally have Photoshop back on my computer. I can finally make Blueberry and myself a new header!!! yay! :)

8) I've been buying fall/winter clothes for the boys like crazy. Garage sales, thrift stores, and freecycle have been my best friend. Is it terrible that they are wearing mostly second hand clothing?

9) My friend Brittany also gave me a huge bag (and box) of clothes, for the boys, and almost everything worked (thank you so much, Brittany! The boys love the tractors, as well)! She has 4 boys and just had TWIN girls! Go wish her well, if you get the chance!

10) I want a baby girl, someday. Oops. Did I actually type that? ;)

What are your weekend plans? Anything exciting going on? Hope you're all well! Have a GREAT weekend, my friends!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


What happens when Adam sticks his hand in a dragon statue? He wondered?!

and then he wondered what was up the statue's nose.....

And after examining every aspect, he still wasn't sure of his new friend....

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Now. NOW. NOW!

I lack patience. There I said it. (Happy hubby??) It's a sin of mine. Yes, a sin. I can't sit still. I can't wait. and I can't stand being told to wait.

Well, I feel like I am being told "wait," more times than not lately.

Wait for test results.

Wait for doctor appointments.

Wait for Adam to be fully potty trained.

Wait for a new car. (poor jeep.)

Wait for graduating college. (Will it EVER END?!)

Wait for the money for...well...everything.

Wait to put Adam in pre-school.

Wait for Andy to get a new job. (the last one didn't work out. sigh. keep praying!)




I seriously think this list could go on and on.


God is teaching me something.... I know what it is... I'm just fighting it.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


This is what happens whenDaddy and Adam spend time together (without mommy supervision)-

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Friday, August 15, 2008

Weekly Wrap

1) I'm sick, again. I can't wait to get these tests done...SOON. I am SO tired of being SICK! I can't even describe the way I feel now. I've been having bad dizzy spells. I've been nauseous. I feel like heck in a hand basket.

2) I am heading up playgroup this year. I've been spending a lot of time going through the old toys, cleaning them, and spending the church's money (tee hee) on things we need! It's been fun...and a lot of work!

3) I think my new classes start soon. Think. I need to check for sure.

4) I want another pedicure. My feet feel sad.

5) Look at what I saw the other day!! This is what Adam calls Matt, because he can't say "Matthew":
6) My poor Jeep is sad. Pray he lasts for us a little longer.

7) Andy had his second interview on Wednesday. Thanks for praying. KEEP praying!! He has a decent shot and well... we would love to see him change positions! :)

8) I love these people; even when I am sick, they make me smile:

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! :)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Things Adam says

The Things Adam Says

Matthew wakes up from his nap, crying, and Adam goes into his room and says, "Do you know the muffin man, Matt?" (I don't think Matt knew the muffin man. tee hee.)


"Wish I had Jessie's Girl!" (he actually walks around just saying that line of the song over and over) - Oh yes, he loves this song! Complete with a dance.


He calls Oscar the Grouch "Mad Man"
and He calls Big Bird "Good Bird"


Me: "Hey Adam, we are going bye bye. Where do you want to go?"

Adam: "umm.. Mal-Mart? (walmart)"

Me: "no, not today."

Adam: "Kroger?" (a local grocery store- that he generalizes to be all grocery stores)

Me: "noo.. not today"

Adam: "We prolly (probably) go to the animal zoo. We see elphants, lions, tigers, and snakes to touch."


"Mommy I want to see the monster movie, on your peter (computer)." (AKA- he wants to watch the "Thriller" video-- yea, I know the video scares me too, but for some reason he loves it!)


One of his made up songs:

"The itsy-bitsy spider goes up the wall. Gets a towel. and washes his head. Watches t.b. (tv), turns out the lights. and goes night night. AMEN!" (all songs end in "amen" apparently)


"Mommy, I have Jesus in my heart." - I think this is my favorite thing to hear him say. :)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

BSM: Park Fun

Sometimes Matthew makes the best faces, that make me laugh so hard. This would be one of those faces!

My two favorite AFSs!

I think this might actually be my BEST shot. Adam is my little monkey, at the park, anymore. He climbs anything and everything.

He must take after his mommy; I like climbing too! :)

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R.I.P Conair

This is Conair.

I got Conair as a High School graduation present, from my Best Friend, eight years ago.

Conair... has been laid to rest.

The husband made me.

It blows our circuits, daily.

It is broken.

It probably is a fire hazard.

But he... he did a great job over the years.

This is me trying to hide Conair in the closet.

I got caught.

Hubby said "Brittany Ann Marie!"


So, I got Adam to do my dirty work.

He took Conair to the trash dumpster in the sky.

R.I.P Conair. June 2000-August 2008.

This is Conair's replacement.

I call her, Pinky.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Behind on Life in General

Yes, I am behind. I know this. I've had complaints. I'm sorry. I love you all. I love to blog. But, I am just really behind on everything: the blog, the laundry, my emails, schoolwork...everything. Let's just say I am a little pre-occupied right now. That, and I am trying to enjoy some of this nicer weather with my boys- all three of them! So... until I can post (and catch up with all of your blogs) will you take some cute pictures as a peace offering? I thought so! :)

HEY! Look who is back in this photo... MY ASHLEY! :) She had a great time, on her ministry trip and just trying to get back into the swing of life. She came home super tan, with a bigger heart, a kinder spirit, and longer lasting hugs. I missed her.... and we've spent LOTS of time together in the past week. MUAH! :)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

BSM: Busy Weekend Fun!

For those of you here for BSM- here is my shot (handsome man, isn't he??):

and if you want to keep reading about our weekend, and see more great shots... here ya go:

It was yet again another busy weekend, in our house! Saturday started with a trip to the farmer's market. I go every week, but this time we went as a family. I think everyone had a good time, too! PLUS- the veggies are finally looking really good, so it was nice to have Andy along, to carry my heavy bags! ;)

Amy's mommy then came over to share Amy's wedding video with us. It turned out GREAT!! And, my speech wasn't half bad. Thanks for visiting, Sue, and thanks for bringing us the DVD!

And today it was THIS guy's Birthday:

My nephew, Josiah, turned ONE today! Happy Birthday big guy!

No family get together is complete, without a full family photo. Make the photo larger- it's kind of funny. We are all looking different directions, and I think Adam and Pa are the only two actually posing for the photo. haha.

This is great grampa and gramma Petry, with their three great grand boys! Such a great photo, I think.

I'm not sure what I was trying to do here... but he's pretty hot, so I thought I'd add him in this list of photos! ;)

I happened to follow Matt around for a good bit of time (imagine that) and I was able to get some pretty cute shots of him. He's growing up so fast!

And a couple of shots of the two cousins. I love this first one! Matthew has this toy at home, so I think he's telling Josiah how great it is. Josiah seems to be listening to everything Matt is saying. haha.

And I just LOVE this one. This shows the two boy's personalities really well. Josiah is very "on the go," while Matt is content with sitting and playing alone.

I hope you all had a great weekend! :) I know I did!

Now, I'm off to the State Fair to see Toby Mac!! woooo ;) Oh, did I mention this is a KID FREE event? YAYYYY ! :)

Friday, August 1, 2008

I'm no Rachel Ray...but....

I think I cook pretty well! And I will cook EVEN better, with my brand new (anniversary present) set of cookware!! :) I got Farberware's classic collection. From what I hear, it really is the best. Even the lady at JcPenney told me she liked it over their own brand. It will be so nice to have REAL cookware, and not the el-cheapo (I think it costs us $20) set we bought at Walmart 7 years ago.

I hope I get as much time out of mine, as my MIL. Apparently she has the same set and has had it for 37 years- and she cooks just as much as I do (if not more!).

I'm so excited. I must go cook. No meal needs cooked. Random cooking, it is! :)