Monday, January 21, 2008

Various things

Matthew at 6 Months

Adam at 6 Months

Is it just me or is it amazing to see how siblings look alike? It's just insane! Scary thing... the shirt Adam has on, Matthew wore today! ah!

Day 1- All byyyyy myself, alllll by myyyself, don't wanna be allll by myself ANYMOREEEE.

Sorry, had to break out in song, for a minute! So I've made it past day 1. I dropped Andy off at work (way early!- thank goodness my little sisters could come and stay with the us, so the boys didn't have to get up early!!), came home, saw the sunrise, took everyone to the mall, came home, made dinner, had a dinner party with my daddy, my step-mom and my g-ma, had a video conference with Andy!

Now... I need to try to sleep...alone...well, not alone... I have a cat and dog in bed with me... and I would almost guarantee a certain 2 year old, eventually.

Happy Monday, everyone!


The Egel Nest said...

They look like TWINS!!!


(I liked your All by myself rendition) lol

The Egel Nest

Kellan said...

Yes - they look "zactly" the same - they could be the same child or twins! How cute. Don't get too lonely - take care. Kellan

Blueberry and the Bean said...

just keep busy and you will be ok! completely alone all day is not something i enjoy. i'm sorry we are leaving today and can't keep you company! (here is an amusing thought for you... my husband didn't gas up the car for me so i get to crawl out the passenger door at the gas station too! lucky me!)

and you know i've always thought that your boys looked alike. now i have proof though. ;)

Arizaphale said...

Awwwww sing it up girl!!
Glad you've got your family to keep you company. When himself is away is the only time I get to have any animals sleeping in the bed :-D
As for those boys.....yes, they do look similar there but really...Adam is his Dad and Matthew is soooooo YOU!!! (I've said it before....)

Maya said...

Wow they really do look alike!!!

Take care by yourself!

Colleen said...

It really is amazing how much they look alike. Wow!

Christina said...

Dang, those boys are like twins - just born 1.5 years apart. ;o) They look identical!

Hang in there girl, you will be fine...maybe by the end of your week alone, you'll even be enjoying having the freedom. Well, maybe! Hugs.

kim said...

That's crazy how much they look alike. Could be twins.