Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I-pods, TVs, and Terminators...AMEN!

Technology, technology, technology! I believe it is taking over the world... seriously, have you seen The Terminator? I depend so much on my computer and my cell phone, my i-pod, my television, my microwave, my DVR...etc. etc. etc.

So, this little cartoon is for my hubby. He doesn't use a normal Bible, anymore... oh no... he takes his Blackberry to church and uses an ONLINE Bible. sigh. Who needs the Holy Word in print? Not my hubby. SO what happens when he forgets to charge his precious Blackberry or can't get online? Oh yes... he asks to see my IN PRINT Bible. Thank goodness I still live in the stone age, with some things. hahaha. Well, kinda... I don't have the original on slab Bible... hahha :)

Anyway- I'm not sure why I posted this today. I guess it's to go along with my last post . I think I am feeling very materialistic, these days, and I don't want my kiddos growing up that way. There has to be a balance, I just haven't found it yet!

If anyone knows the secret.... do share! :)

Happy Hump Day, my friends!!!


4 Little Men said...

Computers oh my! I hear ya! My hubby is in the tech business too and it's crazy the amount of servers and equipment we have around here. Just plain crazy!


Beth said...

I love the cartoon. My husband is addicted to his Blackberry so we call it his Crackberry!

Blueberry and the Bean said...

oh, if hubby had a blackberry he would use it the same way! he is addicted to the computer, i-pod, cell phone, video game systems, etc. when he isn't at work, he is often spending time with one of his things! ;)

buckeyebabies said...

We all have a little materialism in us, its our nature!Not that it has to rule us. Now, if you wanna avoid your kids being taken down by it.. guess you better become Amish my dear! lol

And omg Andy has the bible on crackberry? Isn't that a sin in itself?? lol

One Scrappy Chicklet said...

What did we do for fun before computers? I know just how you feel.

Have a great day,

Stacy said...

Great cartoon! That is so funny that your husband looks at the Bible on his blackberry. Ah how technology marches on.

One Scrappy Chicklet said...

Head on over to my blog when you get the chance. I have a surprise for you from one mom of boys to another.

Have a great day


Kim said...

You put me as a Bloggy Friend! Yay!!!! :-D !!!! :-D Very excited! Thank you! :-D Lot of smiley faces!

Jen said...

I really think that I *cannot* live without my cell phone. I know I *cannot* live without my computer/internet connection. That is probably why I hate camping. My DH just recently got a GPS, and I can see it will become indispensable as well.

I've never seen Terminator though.

Kristen said...

I've never even seen that in my church yet... I'm still fascinated by the spiffy power point presentation during the sermon. We're still behind in the south I guess. lol.

Golightly said...

That's funny! What would he do stuck on an island with no signal and when asked if he could take one book he said. "Nah, I got my blackberry"?!


I do like that my church, like a lot of others, has upgraded to power Point as opposed to the overhead projector with giant thumb shadows and song lyrics laid down backwards on the glass. Those were the day...