Friday, January 18, 2008

Weekly Wrap

1) Sickness REIGNS! Matthew is pukey (well, not since about 3pm), Adam is snotty, Daddy is snotty, and Mommy is just getting over being snotty.

2) Mommy had plans for tonight that had to be canceled, due to sick baby. Mommy is sad, and needs adult interaction more than EVER! haha.

3) Adam has discovered Monsters Inc.. It is now his favorite movie. yay!

4) Even sick, Matthew is stinkin' cute...See proof, below.

5) Adam "helped" with laundry by putting on one of Matthew's bibs. This is also his "cheese" face.

6) Mommy's mint chocolate phone is D E A D. R.I.P mommy's cell phone. OH NO! I have no cell... Whatever shall I do? :( (Steal daddy's until new phone arrives... hahahahahahaha)

7) Mommy's brakes need replaced on the Jeep.

8) Why are all of my things breaking?? :(

9) Daddy leaves Monday.... We will not see him again until Friday.

10) My classes opened up today. *yay.*

11) Pa Z (Andy's Daddy) has found a new job! Praise God! :) (We are all very proud of you Pa!)

12) Andy got his raise for graduating. Much more than we ever expected. Praise God, again! :)

13) I am going to go crawl into bed and sleep, now. :)

Happy Weekend!


Blueberry and the Bean said...

we have car issues too. gah!

have a good weekend! if you need company next week let me know. :)

Cari said...

i hope everyone gets healthy at your house this weekend!

Golightly said...

Happy Weekend! God speed during travel, get well, and gosh that second picture of Matthew is a killer! Too Cute!

Sarah said...

Ya- for the raise...those are always nice. My hubby has his own business so we rarely get them. =( Weird how that works...anyway, sorry for your little sickies. Has Matthew always been pukey or did it just start? Hopefully it's just a virus and nothing else. Noah used to puke after every bottle and solid food feeding I'd give him and I'm not talking just little dribbles- it was projectile. He finally has stopped just within the last two months- soon after he turned a year. I think it might have been contributed to the steroids he's on. One of our doctor friends said steroids will prevent the intestines from healing or growing. Makes sense why he'd be puking, huh? Man, that kid used to stink! Needless to say, I got very used to the sight of puke. =( the way- that 'is' one cute baby! Both your children are adorable. =) Take care!

Christina said...

Goodness girl, you've just always got too much going on! I hope you're all well soon again, at least in time for Daddy's trip. And I hope you get your night out SOON!
Big time YAY for #12! Maybe the travel is worth it after all. ;o)

Kellan said...

Sorry about the sickness - and, Matthew is stinkin' cute - all cute pictures! Hope you have a good weekend Brittany - see you soon. Kellan

4 little men said...

bummer on sick, brakes, phone, hubby gone.... oy! Hope next week is better.

Arizaphale said...

Fantastic news, you see, the Lord provides...a raise when everything is breaking :-)