Tuesday, June 21, 2011

OH, where, OH, where, have I Been?

Blogging has really taken the back burner around here, lately. I didn't plan for it to, but it really just happened. So you wanna see what we've been up to? Of course you do! :) And you want to see photos, right? OF COURSE you do!

Daddy had a Birthday! :) Happy Birthday, Daddy--- your babies CLEARLY love you!

Mommy and Daddy went on a HOT date. :) Much needed night out alone. 

Matthew joined gymnastics. He's a natural. Seriously. VERY good! 
And, he LOVES it. 

We went to a baseball game. 

Chloe was clearly the biggest Diva at the game. 

And Adam was clearly the biggest Stud, at the game.

I had the honor and privilege to help organize the (Columbus) 
Air Walk, for the Lung Association. 

And of course there were familiar faces walking.

And SO many people showed up!

And here are more of my favorite walkers.

Of course we've been doing other things too, but these are the big things. Summer is going too fast, already. I am not sure I am ready to send Adam to Kindergarten and Matty to Pre-School, this fall. I am enjoying our family fun summer, and I hope it slows down a little! 

What have YOU been up to?