Monday, September 5, 2011

It's Only "Stuff"

I've often been told that my life is somewhat.... how do I put it? Insane. Unstable. Wild. Unbelievable. "Unlucky." As well as various other adjectives. And while I can see how people determine this about my life, it's not necessarily how I see things (most of the time). Thankfully, I don't believe in luck or coincidence, but I believe that everything happens for a reason and I believe that it is all pre-destined. Yes, I believe that our lives our planned out before we are even created, and nothing is lucky or coincidence.

*Ok, no haters, please. It's just what I believe. You don't have to believe that. I'm cool with you, if you don't.*

Anyway-- So, this past week was a week from that place down below...that very hot and cruel place. It was a true hell-week. Just so you know, I am not really looking for sympathy; I'm just venting my frustrations and "grr-ness."

Ok- so the week:

First, I had babies starting school. One starting Kindergarten and the other starting Pre-school. (yes, this is stressful for me.)

Second, the husband takes his new shiny car (see previous postings) to work and someone decides the new shiny car needs to be broken into. Not fun. Goodbye $200 worth of goodies.

Next, My mom has surgery. Surgery went well. I spent almost every night at the hospital with my mom, after spending all day doing my normal daily duties. Mom ends up with an infection. Mom has to stay in the hospital for over a week. Not fun.

While mom is in the hospital, my step-dad comes down with a horrible infection in his intestines... Step-dad is ADMITTED into the same hospital where my mom had surgery. Two hospital. Two siblings still at home with said parents... now at my house.

Step-Dad and Mom both heal and go home. yay! :)

Meanwhile (back at the Batcave...err...My house), the husband drives his OLD car to work, because he is afraid of the new car getting broken into again. Husband wrecks OLD car. Ok... he didn't do it.... someone else did... but still. Old car is now getting a new bumper and exhaust system, tomorrow. YAY! :)

Ok.. What else? Yes, there's more.

My brother, while ALL of this is going on, decides to grow gross things on his feet and has to have them removed. Thankfully, that all went well, and he is no longer gross. Whew.

Lastly, the Mother-load, the straw that broke the camel's back... MY car gets broken into at a shopping center... Yes, that's right... MY ( lovely) Jeep... and what do they steal? Not my GPS, not the laptop in the car, but my Adam's (5 years old) WALLET. A child's wallet. That's right, my baby's wallet, with $8 whole dollars inside...stolen.

And as a reflection through this all... While there were times when I cried, times when I felt hopeless, and times when I just wanted it all to go away; I honestly knew that this was all happening for a reason. It was all happening to slow us down, or show us that we are not in charge, or just to humble our hearts and to be thankful for one another and for everything we have.

Adam said it best, after his wallet was stolen: "It's okay mommy, I'll be okay. It was only stuff. I can replace that."

Yes, Adam, you're right; it's only stuff. Stuff. stuff. and more stuff. And it can be replaced.