Tuesday, October 23, 2007

All things come in threes....

I should know that when things are going well, that bad is just around the corner. Since Andy and I have been married, that's the pattern of our lives. The bad is never anything too terrible (not often, anyway) but usually something dealing with finances, relationships, or our cars (which usually leads to finances). SOOOOOOOO guess which one it is this time? haha. Cars.

Remember when Andy hit the deer, right before Matthew was born? Well, the car has been hurt yet again. This time he hit a pothole (hmm going too fast perhaps?) and blew TWO tires and dented TWO rims. So, he decided he needs to just replace all four of EVERYTHING. I wonder if he realizes that money doesn't grow on trees? Anyway, he is getting rims that he describes as being "hot," and those thin tires seen usually on sporty cars. Mind you, he does NOT have a sports car. He wishes. He has "pimped his ride" some, but it's still just a plain ol' Honda Accord. NOT a Honda S2000. Besides if it were a S2000, it would be my car. haha. Needless to say, we've put more money into this stupid car in the last three months than I even want to think about.

Next.... MY CAR. AH! My baby, my Jeep, my lovemobile (I call it this because I love it so much... not for any other reason... haha)..... Looks like her transmission is going. The car is very jumpy and doesn't like changing gears. Oh we can get a new transmission for $1,000 or so, but why would I do that when we only paid $6,000 for the car and with the high mileage that is on it. I don't want a new(er) car. :( I want my baby to be better. Hopefully it won't have to be replaced; the husband still needs to take a look at everything. Maybe it's something less severe?!

Third- hmm...can I use someone else's ailment if it impacts my life too? lol If so, then I have three. If not, then I don't want to know what else is going to happen.


Maya said...

Cars...they cause so much trouble and we rely on them so much. We dealt with so much car junk this summer and now the air conditioner is broke in our other car...waiting till spring to even think about it!

Kathryn said...

You are right! It seems bad things DO happen in threes.
When I was prego with my 1st I was in three car accidents each on a Tuesday each 2 weeks apart. Soooo freaky.
The first one was when I was driving on the highway and a semi driver fell asleep, crossed the median island thing into my oncoming traffic lane while flipping and rolling through the air (I AM NOT KIDDING!). It missed me by about 3 feet, and while I was not hurt, that still remains my scariest moment EVER!
#2 happened two weeks later on the first snowy day of the year. I was going about 10 mph and came up to a stop sign but couldn't stop. I re-ended the pick-up truck in front of me and ended up totaling my car! But I didn't get a ticket because all the eye-witnesses told the officer I was going REALLY slow. The only reason I totalled the car was because the pick-ups bumper went right into my engine. :(
The third was two weeks after that when I was driving the rental car home from work and a deer ran right into the side of the passanger door. ???
I was sooo freaked out to drive after those 3 accidents I made my hubby drive me to work on the two consecutive Tuesdays after that.
More than you needed to know. Sorry. ;)
Hope your 3 strikes end at 2!

Arizaphale said...

Ack! Car accidents and cars in general. What a hassle. Those accidents of Kathryn's sound freaky and terrifying all right. Your poor ole Jeep. Himself has a Jeep and has a love/hate relationship with it. He thinks the design is terrible, the multiple beeps to tell you something is wrong or that something is unfastened drive him mad and the fuel consumption is appalling...but he won't get rid of it.:-)
You're lucky if Andy can look at things like transmission and fix them..Let's hope this is one such occasion.

Kellan said...

Oh, I am sorry you are having car troubles - there is hardly nothing worse! I liked this post. See ya.

Jonathan said...

Sorry to hear about the lovemobile, haha, having trouble. If a transmission is only a $1000 then replacing it would still be worth the cost of the vehicle. It's hard to find a good car for a $1000, plus you would get to keep the "lovebeater" running.

Where was Andy when he smashed two wheels?

Blueberry and the Bean said...

oh dear! cars just don't like you very much do they?!?

hope the jeep can be fixed!

Brittany said...

Thanks for the well wishes, guys. :)

I am sure everything will work out. I'm not too worried about it, now. Everything always works out, and me worrying about it isn't going to do a darn thing. Andy is stopping at Auto Zone on his way home, so he must have something up his sleeve. haha.

Kathryn- MY word lady! I can't believe those wrecks! Glad they turned out ok each time. Andy had a deer hit him too... seems to be more common than not.

While yes, the cost to fix it would be cheaper than a new car, is the car going to last long enough to make it worth it, and are there other things that need replaced that would cost more than it's worth as well. Those are the things we have to weigh. Besides, we won't do the most expensive path- Andy isn't like that... wait...yes he is... stupid "hot" rims. lol

Christina said...

First, I jsut have to say you are a total hoot with your "lovemobile" comment! ROFL!

Second...ack, so soryr about all the car troubles. when it rains it poors! Sending lots of good vibes that you can get it all resovled wish as little cost as possible.

"I wonder if he realizes that money doesn't grow on trees?" I wonder that about my hubby ALL the time!