Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Doctors Appointments, School, and More!

This week has been ever so eventful, thus far! Here's what's going on:

1) School- I'm so tired. haha. I know I shouldn't complain but it is SO hard to do schoolwork with the kids. And then once Andy is home, I don't want to do work because I want to spend time with him. It's a bit frustrating. I just need to get done. Hopefully I only have this year and a little bit of next year, to finish. I need to look into that.

2) Andy School- The countdown is on. Every time I think about his graduation, I start to cry. lol I think I am almost as proud of him as I will be when the boys graduate from high school (and hopefully college!). He has sacrificed so much of his life to do this, and I know he did it so that he could provide to the fullest for myself and his children. And above all he did it earning honors!!! See, this is a big deal because Andy HATES school. He is naturally smart and I think he allowed that to get in the way of doing any work. He just always knew the answer, so he never wanted to work for anything more in High School. Needless to say, he didn't do as well as he could have in High School. So, for him to be graduating on the Dean's list is just spectacular!

Anyway- T-minus 18 days until Graduation and 11 days until the party :)

3) Doc Appointment- I was a good girl and went to the doctor yesterday for a physical. I had a whole slue of blood work done, got some pills to prevent more babies (until we're ready 200 years), had my heart checked (she said I had the heart beat of a runner! woo hoo for my tae bo and for the mile I run everyday), and I was told to gain some weight- only 5 lbs or so (never thought I would EVER be told that). AND- I got my flu shot....which made me feel a little cruddy last night.

4) BABIES- One of the 10 million people I know, who are pregnant, found out she is having a GIRL! :) Congrats, Lynne! :)

A week from today my sister finds out what she is having! :) I can't wait! I think I'd like another niece, just to even things out (I already have 2 nephews and one niece).

I leave you with a picture of Adam and my little sister Emily.... Just a cute pic, I think:


kim said...

Sounds like everything is going well at your house! Love the picture of Adam with his aunt. Good luck with school work. I can hardly find time to do stuff I want to do, I can't imagine having school work on top of it all. PS... I'd be happy to give you five or so pounds. :-)

Maya said...

Girl you have so much going on! I don't know how you keep it all straight!

Good luck on the school work! It has to be hard to fit that in!

Christina said...

Super Woman sighting! Goodness, you are one busy chick! Kudos to both you and Andy for your hard work in school. And wow, told to GAIN 5 pounds? What a novel concept, LOL.

Adorable pic of Adam and Emily...such a family resemblance!

Dawn said...

i'm still trying to understand the one mile a day thing... wow.

Laura McIntyre said...

I would love to be told to gain weight, i can only imagine how hard school is with the kids about. Thats wonderful DH is just about done, its an amazing thing