Thursday, October 4, 2007

Weeky Wrap

1) After an hour and a half of taking pictures, Matthew didn't want his photo taken anymore... hence the photo to the left. Poor guy.

2) Did my first speech, for class this week. I got a 96%. I rock. :)

3) The weather...can we talk about the weather, people? It's ninety degrees outside, and it's autumn.... I think the weather is confused.

4) School and two children: I am doing it, and I haven't lost much sleep.

5) SPIDERS. EVERYWHERE. And yes, they are still mocking me, laughing at me, and being their hairy little (or not so little) selves.

6) Bean and Adam are SO cute!!! They played so well at playgroup this week. I don't know what Adam would do without his little girlfriend!

7) I have a physical scheduled for next week. You know having my cholesterol checked, heart, white blood count, etc. FUN! I am pretty sure I am healthy, but hey... it's a free exam, so I figured I should just do it.

8) Why is it when Andy stops losing weight, it's my fault? hmm... if I recall someone only worked out ONE day last week. hmmm.... Mind you, he works out in the gym at his work, so I have no influence on this act. But it's my fault.

**EDIT**Ok, I know how losing weight works... if some of you forgot I did weigh 180 lbs at one point in my life. The point of the above comment was that he was blaming me for him not losing weight- which is not fair, since I don't hold a gun to his head and make him eat or work out. I just thought the blame game was funny. And, I can't make him understand how it works because he just wants to lose it, which I completely understand his frustration. That number can really mess with a person's head, even if he is losing inches and gaining muscle! **END EDIT**

9) Adam turned 23 months yesterday. sigh. Only one more month.

10) Matthew will be 3 months next week. SIGH.

11) How is it toddlers just turn into REAL people all of the sudden? He tells me when he has to pee pee, he has real conversations (that make sense!!), he doesn't need me to put his shoes on him anymore, he can dress himself, he eats everything (pretty much) we eat for dinner (spicy food is his favorite), he can play by himself without needing me, he can open doors.... he's a little boy :(


Blueberry and the Bean said...

you know, maybe andy has hit a plateau with his weight loss. he may be at a point where loosing will be difficult for a while. i know this happened to my sister.

have a good weekend!

jessicamarie12 said...

Just to add to the comment above -- if he is working out, he is probably gaining muscle, so the number may not go down, but his bodyfat will. The number on the scale doesn't mean much! :)

Brittany said...

Ok, see...I know this guys ;) lol

Try telling a man all of that!

Christina said...

First of all, that picture totally cracks me up. :o)
I wanan know what's up with the weather too. Crazy, to be hot wearing shorts and a t-shirt in October.
I hadn't realized Nadia and Adam are so close in age - like 2 weeks apart. Her bday is the 22nd of November.

Blueberry and the Bean said...

i didn't mean to upset you. i was just trying to give you something to tell him.
i know all about the blame. my husband's neck and shoulder hurt. he wanted to know why i was beating him in his sleep because he could think of no other reason he would be in pain. what?!?!?! men are dorks.

Brittany said...

Oh you didn't upset me, silly!!!

I was just on a rant- Andy upset me, and I let my anger out... Didn't mean for it to reflect onto you!! No worries!!! I love you :) haha.

Blueberry and the Bean said...

you know, if someone else told him these things about weight loss he'd probably listen. but you are his wife, you are supposed to feel sorry for him. (he he he!)

like i've always said "boys are gross" and you just can't change them. HA!

Maya said...

So much to comment on...I wish I wasn't so tired!

Rock on with the speech class and juggling all of that! Go Mommee Go!

And I feel you on the spiders...they need to go away!

Laura McIntyre said...

I love you weekly wraps, congrats on the 96