Sunday, October 7, 2007

Urgent Care and Cupcakes

Nice title, eh?

So we had an ever so eventful weekend. It wasn't all bad and it wasn't really terrible, just crazy. Hmm All of our weekends are crazy.

ANYWAY- Urgent Care first.

Friday night Matthew started off with a little cough. I wasn't too too worried, because he didn't have any other symptoms (no fever, runny nose, etc). So I just assumed it was a little cold. Then as the weekend went on, things got worse (go figure). Anyway, we went to church today anyway and I just decided I wouldn't put Matthew in the nursery. Halfway through church Matthew was hacking up a storm, so I took him out in the lobby. Aunt Ashley was out there and asked to hold him. Right when she took him he started vomiting everywhere! IT was TERRIBLE. It's bad enough to have kids puke, but seeing a little 3 month old do it is VERY scary. So, I called the doctor who promptly said "take him to urgent care." SO we did. After being there for almost 2 hours they said he has a pretty nasty upper respiratory infection (which baffles me, because he's still breastfeeding some and should have the immunities...who knows). BUT the doctor was very concerned about his exczema and family history of asthma, apparently the two go hand in hand. So, the doc said that this cough might be the onset of asthma.... which would stink. I am praying it's not that. So, he's on tylenol and there's a humidifier in his room, for now. I have to take him in to the doctor this week, to find out about this asthma issue, though. Pray for my little man :)

Happy note! Adam, mommy and daddy made Halloween cupcakes this weekend and had a blast. Just look at the pictures. We are a creative bunch ;). Can you tell which cupcakes are Adam's creations?

Yay for a new week!


Dawn said...

Oh my goodness, you're handling Matthew's health issues so well. I'll be praying. Happy 3 months!

John, Amy, Quaid & Bailey said...

WOW..poor Matthew, I will definitely pray for him as well, I hope the Dr's will figure out what's wrong and help him get better soon ;)

What a fun time making cupcakes...they are so cute ;) I'm sure Adam had a BLAST!

Blueberry and the Bean said...

well yes, asthma would not be fun to deal with but at least they don't think it is something more serious and scary. not that asthma isn't scary (anything having to do with your ability to take a deep breath is!), but it has treatments and well, tons of kids and adults live with it everyday.
i feel for your little guy and will continue to send positive vibes his way. :)

oh! yummy, cupcakes.... where are mine? ;)

Blueberry and the Bean said...

hope you don't take my comment as being insensitive to your feelings! i know you must be worried and scared about your tiny guy being sick. both my siblings had asthma- my brother's was severe and diagnosed when he was about 2 and had been sick off and on forever. knowing is the most important thing. once you know what is wrong it won't feel so bad. you will know what to do for him and it will get easier. really. :)
i really don't want you to worry too much. just pray when you feel overwhelmed and know we are thinking of you all.

Brittany said...

I'm actually not really worried too much. Andy has asthma, which is why he has a strong chance of having it. Luckily Andy has his under control and doesn't have too much trouble with it. I just hear it's hard on little ones because they can't have the inhalers and have to have breathing treatments.

And no... i didn't take it as being insensitive. Sometimes I need that kick in the butt! haha. Because I do tend to worry too much, sometimes. :) You know how to handle me; just slap me around a little bit. haha!

Oh- and if there are cupcakes left by Wednesday, we will bring you guys some. :) We are making apple muffins, today! We are baking machines. lol

Maya said...

Oh that would scare me so much! I hope that he's feeling better AND that it's not asthma! Keep us updated.

Those cupcakes are awesome...great decorating!

Tiffany said...

Aww Poor Matthew...hes in my prayers. Hope hes feeling better soon. Those cup cakes are awsome!

Christina said...

Oh wow, that is so scary! I am way behind on my blog reading, but I just wanted to send well wishes to little Matthew. It does sound like asthma, and I hope they'll diagnose it quikcly so he can get treatment instead of constantly struggling to breathe. Poor baby.

And those cupcakes look YUM-O! Adam's got talent. :o)

Laura McIntyre said...

Poor Matthew, hope is doing better now