Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Matthew's Room

It's amazing how different Matthew's room looks from Adam's, when Adam was in this room. It's also amazing how different the things in the room look, even though half of the things we also used for Adam. Now, some of it's different but the main pieces are the same. I LOVE the colors we chose to paint the walls. They are so bright and vibrant! There are a few more things we need to do: like get him some of his own books (for the bookshelf) and figure out something to put on the white shelf (that was my white shelf, when I was little. My grandpa Gilkerson made it for me! I'm glad Matthew gets to use it; now I just need to find something to put on it. Any ideas?!). Also, notice the closet. The child has SO many clothes. Some are new, some are hand-me-downs, but most importantly... HE IS SET! There are even clothes in a tote, under the hanging clothes, that I couldn't hang up! haha.

Yesterday's doctor appointment went much better than last weeks! I didn't leave there crying. haha. I gained the pound back I lost. Sadly, it's probably just water retention because of the heat, but we'll take it. She gave me all of my paperwork, for the hospital, and told me she would be more than happy to deliver Matthew this week, if I'd just go into labor. haha. I was still not quite 1 centimeter dilated (SIGH!), but she tried to stretch it a little for me, to maybe get things going (that was nice of her... I think she knows how DONE I am). Everything else was normal. My blood pressure was SUPER low (90/56), and my arm is so small that they had to get a different cuff for the machine. GEESH. haha.

Hopefully, I will be announcing his birth next week at this time. It could happen...right? :)

Happy mid-week, all!


Blueberry and the Bean said...

some small stuffed animals and a few framed pictures of family would be nice on your shelf. that is what bean has on her shelves.

you know you are going to go into labor and then "freak out" because you aren't ready to have two kids yet! ;) and i still think that he is waiting until the 4th! he!

see ya saturday!

John, Amy, Quaid & Bailey said...

LOVE the room, it's so cheery, I'm sure Matthew will love it whenever he decides to come into this world. Glad your Doctor's appt went well...try to stay cool!