Friday, July 18, 2008

Weekly Wrap

1) We are going out tonight, with another COUPLE, and NO kids!! What? Who does that anymore??? ;)

2) I hear this coming from the computer area, this morning, as Adam was playing on

"Hi, What are you doing?"


"Oh. I am just checking my e-mail"


"Yea, ok, see ya later!"

3) The kids loved their goody bags! :) And we were able to hang out, while they had their pool party, too. It was great fun! AND look, I got some photos! :)

Emily, Ash, and Rachel (remember her from the crazy concert video?)

My little brother... looking old...

Rachel, Ash, Em, and madddd Trevor. I have to laugh at this photo. hahaha. Sorry, Trevor, but c'mon it's FUNNY! :)
4) After I got Matt dressed this morning, this is what I found on my bed. For a really good laugh, make the photos larger. That kid carries anything and everything in that Easter basket. We can't put it away; I think he'd freak out! haha. Anyway, apparently Adam said since he was "sick" he needed this stuff on mommy's bed in order to "feel well, again." Oh, yes, he says "well."

Hope Everyone has a wonderful weekend! :) We get to go to a performance of Ashley's on Sunday, and then we say goodbye, AGAIN, for two more weeks. :(

Oh. Oh! Also, Andy interviewed for a new position, today, at work. Pray for him! :) It would be nice if he got this position and he really feels he would be happier if he did get it. I am praying for God's will, in the situation, even though I really want to pray for my OWN! ah! :)


Christina said...

Good luck to Andy! Praying that God's will and yours coincide. :o)

A kid free night out? Woohoo!

that boy is just too the basket of phones and books. I'm telling you, just like Nadia!

Sue said...

Who has that many cell phone?

Elaine A. said...

Have fun tonight (you're probably already out!) Can I be just a little jealous?

That Easter basket thing is hilarious!

Arizaphale said...

The Baby Angel had more handbags than you could poke a stick at and they were always full of the most disparate items. A plastic lemon, a toy screwdriver and a piece of lego etc etc... Adam seems very well organized there. Who knows when you'll get a call. Best be prepared.

Tranny Head said...

I can't believe all that stuff actually FIT into basket! That's hilarious.

Have fun on your hawt double date!

krissy said...

Now listen....if he didn't get the promotion then maybe he would consider moving more to South Dakota.

Oh all right...I'll be unselfish for the time being but I heard that a sales position opened up at our one of our tv stations. He would be good at it and it makes great mola!

Just saying.....
And where is your picture?

My Goodness said...

Hope you had a great night out!!

Funny about the basket...who knew that anyone could have more old cell phones around the house than us? My kids got Valentine's day baskets...and they carry around everything you can thing of as well. So fun to see what they value.

Stacy said...

Good luck to Andy...hopefully God's Will will align with your own!