Tuesday, July 1, 2008


#1 Matt's Eye Appointment- Matt had his eye probed AGAIN, today. This time it's only a 50% chance it will work (opposed to the 90% that didn't work)... I am hopeful. His nose bled this time, afterwards, and it didn't last time, so I am hoping that means the probe went all the way through. If this doesn't work, then the doc said it is surgery for sure. Please pray this works! :)

#2- ASHLEY CALLED ME!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, so I wasn't that excited when she called. We actually both cried the whole time. She sounded so grown up, and so tired. They were on a 20 hour bus trip to Iowa, leaving Colorado. She said that she was having a good time, but needed money...hmmm... lol And that she missed me a lot, and then she cried even more when Adam said "hi!" in the background. Ugh. She is "home" July 16th for a three day stay, and gets to stay at my mom's house... So, I guess I'll be there for three days...eh? :) It was so amazing to hear her voice, and I am that much more proud of what she's doing!

#3- I am going to the doctor. Since everyone I know has yelled at me for being so sick lately, I think I should go have it checked out. So, stop worrying everyone. I am calling soon...tomorrow... or the next day... I'll call, don't worry.

#4- Pray for no more sickness!!! We have a huge rest of the week...and next week... and classes suck. Ok... so the classes thing didn't fit in here, but I don't care. They still suck.

**Happy week, my friends!!!!**


Kellan said...

Glad you talked to Ashley and she is doing good. I'll keep everyone in my prayers - take care - Kellan

Christina said...

Crossing fingers and prayer that it takes this time for Matt! You really should get to the doctor, your poor body needs a break! Glad you got to talk to your sis, tho!

Blueberry said...

go to the doctor, then stay well! we are expecting a healthy brittany on saturday for the pinkalicious birthday bash!! :)
AND the next week for matthew's barnyard bash!

Elaine A. said...

Glad you got to talk to your sis and also glad you are going to the doc. It's always better to be safe than sorry...

Kathryn said...

Lots of prayers headed your way!

Lilith Silvermane said...

*hugs* to Ashley, I'll wave to her since she's leaving Colorado.

Good for you.. go to the Dr, and find out what s/he says!

jessicamarie12 said...

Okay, woman... I searched your blog and wrote down all of your sick posts:

June 30 - stomach flu
June 11 - stomach flu
May 15 - stomach flu
May 6 - woman issues sickness
Feb 19 - flu
Feb 3 - stomach flu
Dec 14 - stomach flu

That's insane!!! You must have some kind of food allergy or maybe a poorly functioning digestive system. I used to have something similar -- doctor tried to give me acid reflux meds, but they didn't really help. I cured it with lots of digestive enzymes and probiotics. If they can't give you a good cause or any help, try that route! :)

krissy said...

I have been the worst friend in the world because of my stupid busy life and endless guests. I missed that you were sick and that your baby had surgery.

You better get your cute little ass to that doctor to find out what the hell is going on or I swear....I will just google any doctor in your area and make you an appointment. Got it????

I'm saying prayers for your family. All of them. Next time comment that you are ill and I will come right over to blogworld and give you some love....

If you lived here.....I could have helped take care of you. Tell that to your hubby!

BAD said...

Good Luck with everything, we will be thinking about you guys.

Stacy said...

I so hope the probe worked this time. Poor little guy! Glad you got to talk to your lil' sis, too. I am bad about going to the doctor, too, so I understand about not calling. But you probably should, m'kay?? :)