Tuesday, February 9, 2010

100 Things About Me- Twenty One thru Thirty

Part 3

21) I was (am) a huge nerd growing up. I knew it then... and was completely ok with it....for the most part.

22) I graduated H.S. early, because I wanted to get on with my life. I had plans to become a doctor....and then a teacher... and ended up getting married instead. I am STILL in college, but with only a few classes to go. I will have a degree in communications. No doctor... but that's ok! :) 

23) My name is Brittany Sinzinger, and I am addicted to coffee. Any kind, any size, any shape.... 

Hook me up! (Gizmodo.com)

24) I really do love to cook. It's a hobby that I've grown into. I especially like to cook low-fat, low-calorie, and healthy. Too bad I married a person who loves everything FRIED and hot dogs are his idea of a fancy meal. 

25) Apparently I have "Brittany-isms." Do I really say "BOO" that often? ha ha. I like the phrase "son of a biscuit" too. Oh...and "Piece of Crap on Rye"... I dunno... Where do I get these things? And why do they involve bread products? 

26) I have a massive sweet tooth. I love candy. I have a drawer I "hide" it in... It's not hidden; everyone knows where it is. Touch it and die. Oh. And while I love candy... I am not a huge fan of chocolate. blech.

27) Candy of choice: Mike and Ikes and Sour gummy items (any and all!)

28) I LOVE grocery shopping. LOVE it. This probably stems from my obsession with food- but really it's because I love to clip coupons and see what I can get for free. See- when we were first married, we were so poor... (we lived in a postage stamp and couldn't afford $315 rent...it was sad) Our grocery budget was about $25-$35 for an entire month...and honestly, that was pushing it, because we really couldn't even afford that. SO- I had to get creative, and I learned how to cheat the system, get things for free, and spend close to nothing on a lot of food! :) And even though we aren't those poor kids anymore, I still like to cheat the system...for kicks and giggles, you know. :) 

29) I've only had two paying jobs in my life. Both were at teacher supply stores. (And babysitting, of course...I think every teenage girl does this at some point)

30) I want to do missionary work. I'm still praying for God to work in such ways that this is in our future.... I really have a heart for the poor and for those who need to hear the wonderful Gospel. I pray that someday we can take a trip (family trip??) somewhere (anywhere!) and help those who are in need! 

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Mom Zinze said...

I'm with ya' on #23 (coffee).
You helped me get to the point in my addition that I have reached.
Thank you. Love, Mom Zinze