Monday, February 15, 2010

100 Things About Me- Fifty-One thru sixty

Part 6... the saga continues... 

51) I love candles. I love smelly candles. They make me happy. 

52) I own way too many clothes (and I realize this). and right now...that's not a good thing. Many of my shirts don't fit me, because of the...umm... feeding of the child... and things are larger... It makes me sad. I want to wear some of my favorite shirts, and can't. 

53) I like to watch The Biggest Loser while that a problem? 

54) My favorite colors are teal and darker reds

55) My current kitchen is red. I love it. I wonder if I'll want to paint the next one that way?

56) I don't like lace. I just don't. Nothing lacy for me, please. 


Oh, this is "in"??? I don't care. You look like you belong on a grandma's table...
57) Lists make me happy. I feel like I've accomplished something, when I've finished a list for the day. 

* get up- check
* brush teeth- check
* Go crazy, due to children- double CHECK

58) I'm OCD. No, really... I am. Sometimes I get up three or four times, at night, just to check the temperature in the house, before going to bed. I have to clean my house in the certain order, on specific days.... If I break routine, I kinda lose it. It's ok, I'm dealing with it. But I'm sure it drives the husband crazy. 
59) I'm glad he puts up with me. He loves me, even though I'm a nut job. See yesterday's post for further information on that!

60) I LOVE to go to TARGET! LOVEEEE IT!! I could get lost in that store. I love their clearance. It makes my heart happy. :)
Well, that's 6... 4 more to go! :)


Christina said...

I can't believe you are getting these done so fast...I don't think I could find 100 things to say about myself!! Keep 'em coming - I love learning about cute lil you!

Fire Hunt said...

That is fun!

Michelle said...

I enjoy a good bowl of ice cream during Biggest Loser - so I can relate!

Maggie said...

I swear we are some sort of secret twins!

My dining room is red.
I MUST eat during Biggest Loser. And I don't mean eat salad...
I am obsessed with Target.
I don't do lace.

Kelli said...

Love Target, love candles. I think a lot of people eat while watching the Biggest Loser, I hear that a lot. I wish I was OCD sometimes, can you help me in that area?