Sunday, February 7, 2010

100 Things About Me- One thru ten

So, I've decided to do a series of "things about me," in order to share a little bit about myself--- that and I am running out of things to blog about! :) So, I am going to so 10 separate posts, with 10 random facts= 100 facts about me! :) Want to do this too? Feel free! Just let me know if you do, so I can read your facts too! :) 
Here we go- counting UP to 100: 

1) I have 4 siblings. I talk about them a lot. They are very important to me, and I love them very much! Because 3 of the siblings are younger- I am kind of a momma-hen to them. And sometimes, because I am the way I am, I am momma-hen to the older sib, too! ;)

2) Of those 4, only one is a boy. Poor Trevor. 

3) I never wanted children, until I got married. And even then, I didn't want children until I was told I possibly couldn't have any. (heh- we proved them wrong, eh!?)

4) I hate snow. and cold weather. 

5) I lived in Illinois (Chicago suburbs) for the first 5 years of my life. 

6) I get made fun of, because I have a slight Chicago "accent," mixed with an Ohio "accent." Not sure what it sounds like, but apparently I have it?! (apparently I drag out my vowel sounds and pronounce them "incorrectly"...whatever. psh.)

7) I've lived in Central Ohio for 22 years. 

8) I'd love to live in another state, someday. 

9) I am a Pittsburgh Steelers Fan! 

10) I would live in Pittsburgh... or Philly... or anywhere in PA. 

Stay tuned for 11-21, in the coming days... :)


Blueberry said...

fyi- it snows a lot in PA too. ;)

My Life With Boys said...

I have always lived in the Chicago suburbs (still do) and I've been told I have a Chicago accent also. I don't have a clue what that sounds like. To me I sound normal- lol! I'd like to live in a different state also- a warm state. Illinois is toooooo cold!

Blueberry said...

also meant to say i've never noticed your accent before, i guess i never really thought about it. of course i've been told that i talk like i'm from michigan- a) i wasn't aware there was a "michigan" accent and b) i'm not from michigan, just northwest ohio...

Kelli said...

Great list. I'd love to move to another state one day too, but I'm scared. But I also hate the snow and cold. What's a girl to do?

Christina said...

I like learning more about you. :o) You need to post a video of yourself talking so we can all hear your weirdo accent! ;o) I am often told that I have an accent, but no one seems to know what kind it is.

Kat said...

Oooo! That was a fun 10 things! And yes, you sure did show them! Three kids! Woohoo! :)

Anonymous said...

Eeesh! I'm the oldest sib..and I TOTALLY feel like a mother hen to u and all sibs..and yes u've been my momma hen too, ty for that! and wow.. I really related to you with the whole accent thing, cause I'm told I have it too, still! :) <3 u ! :)