Thursday, February 11, 2010

100 Things About Me- Thirty-One thru forty

Part 4 is ready to roll... I hope I actually HAVE 100 things to share! :)

31) I really can't stand laundry. It's the one chore that NEVER goes away. And even once you're done....there are still people in the house wearing clothes-- thus causing more laundry! 

32) I like cleaning. It's therapeutic. And the smell, shine, and overall CLEAN makes me very happy! :) 

33) I love one-on-one time with my kids. I mean, I really love it. They make me smile, for different reasons, and are so special and unique! 

34) I like reality shows. There, I said it. I like them. I like them. I like them. 

35) I had a really awesome Minnie Mouse kitchen, growing up. It was my all time favorite toy. It was red, white and black. It had an oven door and a sink. It was amazing. And I had a slew of Fisher Price fake food. They don't make good fake food, like they used to! ;) 

36) My older sister and I used to do some silly things, to occupy our time. I would sit in the bathroom with her, while she did her business, and we would pretend there was a monster living under the sink. She would turn off the light and talk like the monster. I knew there wasn't really one, but played a long for her sake... ;)

37) I don't like foam. I actually fear it. It's gross feeling and makes me cringe. I guess I won't own one of those foam beds...ever.... 


38) I enjoy working out. I love the endorphins I have after the workout! LOVE it! :) Now I just need to find the time to start doing it again. Much harder to fit in a good workout with three kids.

39) I like to plan parties. Love it, really. I could do it as a profession. I put a lot of time into my parties. I plan it down to every single little detail. It's fun!

40) I think it's hilarious that furniture and mattresses are on sale during various "holidays". (i.e.- President's Day, Labor Day, Memorial Day) Seriously- watch for the ads.... They're coming! 

Whew. Almost halfway done!


Blueberry said...

remember when eric, donna, and i filled your locker with foam? oh, and the time eric put it all over your desk? he he he! ;)

Christina said...

Girl, you are just whipping these things out - I can't keep up with you!! Apaprently you have a lot to say about yourself. ;o) But that's fine with me, as I love learning all these tidbits about you. You are so positive and cheerful and LOVE so many things...that's my biggest impression from reading these!

Christina said...

P.S. Carey's comment "Eric, Donna and I" - what is this, That 70s Show?!