Tuesday, September 18, 2007

What's in your pockets/ purse?

A friend of ours, Mark, posted this on his blog a week or so ago, and I've wanted to partake since I saw it. Plus, it's learning a little more about me and taking a break from my kids! hah ;) Basically all you do is post a photo of what you carry on your person (whether in your pockets or in your purse) on a daily basis. So, here's what is currently in my purse.

I have to say that I have a terrible mommy/woman purse. I don't carry tissues and I don't have anything woman related, besides a compact. I don't even have lip gloss! haha. But, I do have a pen, two sets of keys (one for the cars and one for all of those annoying club cards), minty type things, hand sanitizer, my phone, my ipod, sunglasses, a wallet, the kids' identikid info, and a sticker from the concert my sisters and I went to the other night.... oh, and most importantly, the dog's paw at the top of the picture (hahaha!).

So what's in your wallet? ;) (isn't that a commercial slogan?)

If you decide to partake in this, let me know!


Christina said...

it's fun to peek on your purse. :o) I did this a while back...but with the diaper bag, since I don't even carry a purse most of the time.

Laura McIntyre said...

Love these things, so intersting to see inside the purse. Done this a while back but like Christina with a diaper back rather than purse (well changing bag rather than handbag if i want to speak Scottish)