Thursday, September 6, 2007

Funny Baby Clothes (That are super cute, too!)

One of my fellow bloggers introduced me to Trendy Tadpole baby clothes. These clothes are amazingly witty and are just TOO cute, not to buy. Go check out their website.

There are onsies and shirts that say things like: "I love Johnny Cash" and "Ab/Cd For those about to read we salute you". Then there are funny little ones, like this one:

This one is super cute, especially since I call Adam this on occasion!! haha.

And, best of all, the owner BLOGS on her site! I think there's something special to say about anyone who blogs.

So, go check them out, if you have kiddos!


Christina said...

Yay, you did it, too! so I guess you're going to go for "buddha belly" We sometimes call Nadia that, too!

John, Amy, Quaid & Bailey said...

Awww...those are sooo cute ;)