Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A Trip to the Fair

Yesterday, daddy took a half day at work and we took the boys to the Delaware County Fair. Now, the county in which we live could easily be classified as a typical "cowtown." One day of the fair is known as "Jug Day," and it is like a mini version of the Kentucky Derby. The WHOLE town shuts down, on Jug Day. Everything closes by noon and the kids are out of school; it's amazing.

ANYYYYWAY......the fair. Adam LOVED LOVED LOVED the fair! He was so excited to see the animals, the fire trucks, and the french fries (yes, those were the three things he talked about this morning when he woke up). And he asked for daddy's drink, with ice (Daddy got a VERY large cup of sweet tea). Isn't it funny the things kids recall sometimes?

The picture below is of Adam with one of the historic tractors of Delaware. It was actually very impressive to see all of the tractors and the difference in the makes and models. I also think Adam looks ridiculously OLD in this photo. :( I am so proud of the little boy he's turning into!

Matthew's take on the fair, you ask? Well, he slept the whole three hours we were there! haha. He liked the ride in the stroller, apparently. :)


Blueberry and the Bean said...

aww, looks like you had fun! we went to the zoo again, because it is like her favorite place right now.
see you tomorrow!

Amy said...

sweet tea in Ohio? heck yeah!

Christina said...

I'm seeing Faire pictures everywhere, it's got me in the mood for it! A few more weeks until ours starts. Sounds like a great time, with animals and and fire trucks and french fries. :o)