Saturday, September 8, 2007

Happy Birthday Ashley! :)

Today was my sister's 17th Birthday party (her bday was last Sunday). It took place in our oh so cool, newly built basement, at our church. It as awesome! I made all kinds of goodies and we had food, candy, cake, etc. :) It was a bitter sweet day. I am thrilled that Ash has turned into the young woman she has, but at the same time I know that there is only a short time before she moves away for college. Depressing. She is looking into going to Grace College in Indiana. While yes, this would be a wonderful place for her to grow and become even more of a woman, but I am not ready to let her go! I'm crying right now.... pathetic.

The first baby I ever held, the first diaper I ever changed, the first baby I ever fed.... and the first sibling I might actually have to say "goodbye" to. Hard? yes, very.

She is certainly one of my best friends, and I am SO proud that she is my sister. :)

Here we are, today:

(I think she looks older than me! lol One day I will be a grown up...haha)

I have more pictures to share from today, but I will save those for next week! :)


Christina said...

Happy Birthday, Ashley! She sounds like a special girl and sounds like you guys share such a special bond.

Laura McIntyre said...

Happy birthday to your sis, must be strange having a sister that young - her whole life ahead of her :)(Ehh not that you don't hope that does't sound cheeky)