Friday, September 21, 2007

Weekly Wrap

1) I got a haircut cut this week! woo! What do you think?

2) I also bought this eyeshadow that is supposed to enhance your eye color- so I bought the one for green eyes- I'm not seeing the difference.

3) Went to a kick butt concert with my sisters on Sunday... I felt 16 again. woo! haha.

4) Started the breast feeding weening process, this week. I know, I know.... he's only 2 months old. This was actually a suggestion from the pediatrician's office, because of various issues. I'm very sad because I love doing it and I love the time with Matthew alone. Wish me luck.

5) Started classes. :( The workload is HUGE and I feel like I'm too old. haha. Hopefully I can get back into the swing of things. Having 3 months off kind of threw off my groove.

6) Adam received some very nice gifts from a friend of ours. Take a look at the video below, to see his new easel!

7) Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't.... (seemed fitting here)

8) Amy is home! yay! The weekend is going to be packed full of funness (not a word, but that's ok!)

9) No farmer's market tomorrow ;(

10) Happy weekend, all!
This kind of silliness gets me through the day.


Sarah said...

hey brittany!! I like your haircut :)

Dawn said...

Cute haircut!

So sad to hear about the weaning process. I'm sorry!

It's great you got to go to a concert. Ah, the "real world"! Tonight my hubby & I are going to a game-night, and no kids are allowed! (Our church is providing child care so our group can have a fun night together! How cool is that??)

Christina said...

You DID get your haircut!! You look so adorable, I love it!

I'm so sorry that you're having to wean Matthew before you feel ready. Nadia and I almost had to cut our breastfeeding short, so I know how emotional that can be. Hugs!!!

Golightly said...

I love the hair cut it's so cute! I "chopped" my hair this week, too. It feels great, it's short and bouncy.
I, too, am sorry you have to wean early. Did you got a second opinion though, like a lactation consultant or someone. I just feel some pediatricians jump on the "just stop nursing" train too fast. But don't mind me...go with your mommy-instinct too. Either way, you're obviously a great mom with beautiful, healthy boys!
Take care and give sweet Matthew extra hugs today!
Oh and good luck with classes - as Bob the Builder would say, "You can do it!" )or is it Rob Schneider in every Adam Sandler film ever made)
Thank you also for your kind comments on my Thursday Theme.

Laura McIntyre said...

You looks great love the hair cut, hope weaning goes ok - something i have yet to do and no idea how todo it

Anna said...

Cute haircut! I think I might need a chop, too.

Sorry about the breastfeeding weaning, I know what you mean about treasuring that time. I feel for you!

And I agree with golightly--maybe another opinion? If you think it is right to keep going, I bet your instincts are right.

Maya said...

Lovely hair cut!!!

Bummer on the weaning. I hated it too. It's such a bummer but if it works better for Matthew and you then that's what's important. Lots of hugs to you through it! It's so emotional for some reason!