Friday, September 28, 2007

Weekly Wrap

1) 5 hours of speech class isn't as inviting as I had hoped- well, at least I am "Brittany" and not "Mommy" for a little while.

2) Little Adam with a cold= Mommy with a cold

3) Little Adam and Little Matthew up at 6:30 AM = Adam watching an episode of "My Friends Tigger and Pooh" EVERYDAY! Cute show, catchy song, but quite annoying after five days.

4) Mommy forgetting about the Thomas the Train DVD borrowed from the library = a $14 fine... hmm.... I hope Daddy doesn't read this. ;) Couldn't we OWN the DVD at that price?

5) Little baby smiles are still just as special the second time around and laughs! Matthew laughed for the first time about 10 minutes ago!! :)

6) I am missing "\" (this) key off of my laptop... hmm... wonder how that happened ADAM!?

7) Light, Cafe Mocha, no Whip= heaven in a cup

8) When the batteries in the swing die... all heck breaks lose!

9) My oldest sister turns 30 next week... Doesn't seem possible that we are adults.... oh, and have I announced that she is making me an AUNT again?!?! :) My little niece or nephew is due March 10th- I am hoping for 2 days early, though, because March 8th is a VERY good day to have a birthday ;).

10) Farmer's Market here I come.... and Apple picking with Bean and her parents tomorrow! :) I am sure there will be a TON of photos! :)


Christina said...

Don't feel bad...we've done the library fines thing too. Except for us it was *three* kids cds. Whoops! In my defense, it's kinda hard to return stuff from the hospital, and then I just forgot! ;o)

Yay for Matthew laughing! the best sound in the world.

Tiffany said...

Hope the colds pass quickly. Maybe you could tell Adam that Tigger is sick and he will not be on TV today :) Yikes @ the library fine! Yes I think you could have bought it for that. I love the baby smiles and laughs! ongrats on being an Aunt again soon! Yay!

Laura McIntyre said...

So cute on the laughing, i really do beleive that dozens of children would't make a diffrent and each time would be as special. Hope Apple picking goes well

John, Amy, Quaid & Bailey said...

Funny week ya had there...Bailey has picked up on the Tigger show as well, fortunately for me we have been watching one of my friends little girl's so we aren't home in the morning's BARNEY either ;)

Yep, we've done th library thing too, actually I still think I have fines...I'm too scared to go see, so we keep buying books from garage

Enjoy your farmer's market and apple picking...we are going to go in the next couple weeks...I LOVE FALL!!!

Oh and Matthew looks so handsome in his button up dress shirt ;)

John, Amy, Quaid & Bailey said...

Oh yeah and we love the same drink....light Cafe Mocha~no whip...mmmmmm! Might have to go get myself one now this morning ;)