Tuesday, September 11, 2007

9/11 Tribute

A Nation Under God
By: Diane Huggins

September 11th, a day we shall never forget,

It's the day America stood in shock and in sorrow we sadly wept.

We cried for all those lost in the towers on that day.

We cried for our Pentagon and all our people lost on the planes.

We cried for Flight 93; the brave passengers took control.

They overtook the terrorists to save the Capitol we are told.

We cried for all our firefighters who gave their lives so courageously.

We cried for our policemen; they were as brave as they could be.

We cried for our emergency workers, trying to search for lives to save.

We cried for all our people as those towers fell away.

We cried for K-9 Sirius: his master thought he would be safe.

All the workers at Ground 0-- we give you tribute and all praise!

You worked so hard, searching there day after day.

With heavy hearts you shoveled and gently raked the ground.

You searched day and night for the lost to be found.

We praise the many steel workers; you really did your part

You worked so very gently, cutting all the beams apart.

Piece-by-piece you moved them; you were there right from the start.

We praise all our charities; they gave so freely of their deeds.

They gave of them selves in support for all the families needs.

The search and rescue dogs were as dedicated as they could be—

Finding paths to the dead, they proved their loyalty.

We thank their loving handlers that worked and trained them patiently.

Praise to our President for his strength and deep convictions,

He stands mighty and so strong against all terrorist actions.

He has called us all to prayer for our help and dedication.

We must never forget that day of mighty devastation.

More than 3000 of our people were taken tragically away.

Those terrorists’ attacks were meant for our great USA!

Our military fights so hard to keep our country free.

They fight in the foreign lands in the air and on the seas.

They fight to rid our nation of all the terrorist evil ways.

We are very proud of them, their accomplishments we’ve seen.

We took a mighty hit, but we stand together strong.

Heart to heart and hand in hand, we’ll never stand-alone,

We choose our right of freedom and we will never spare the rod,
For We live in America,

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