Friday, November 16, 2007

Weekly Wrap

1) Matthew is FINALLY sleeping in his bed... ALL NIGHT! He slept 6.5 hours straight, last night, too! yay! (See photo to the left- This is how I found him, the other day. Look how he holds onto the little elephant toy!)

2) We finished the boys' Christmas shopping Tuesday! yayyyyy! Now I just have everyone else!

3) It snowed last night. Insanity was falling from the sky.

4) It's cold...I highly dislike the cold.

5) Went to the mall twice this week. Oh dear. I hope I don't become one of those stay at home moms. lol

6) O-H-I-O (BIG game this weekend!!)

7) Been a crazy week; I am glad it's over.

8) Saw my beautiful niece yesterday. It's so fun to see the differences between she and Adam (the boy vs. girl differences). She's such a princess!

9) Adam currently has Dora the Explorer tattoos ALL over him.... Thanks Aunt Michelle! haha.



4littlemen said...

Yeah for sleeping! Aren't those nights glorious! He looks so cute holding his elephant.

Can you believe it snowed? The boys were yelling... snow... Christmas is coming! Ha!

have a great weekend!

Blueberry and the Bean said...

dora tattoos from aunt michelle or marker beard from me, which do you prefer?!?
ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Sue said...

Amy used to hold "Bee" over her face. Treasure those sweet times. They go very fast. Don't you need your glass dish and pot holders for Turkey Day? If not, I sure do! hehe!


Arizaphale said...

Love the sleeping with the blanket over his head shot!! I am so jealous you have snow!!! I used to live in the Snowy Mountains here but no snow in Adelaide....just cold :-(
Not now though!!! 34C again today and 39C (100+) forecast for Tuesday!
Thanks for your sweet comments on my garden. Have a great weekend and go O-H-I-O!!!!!!!!

Kellan said...

Cute post and adorable pictures. I'm so jealous that you got snow!! It cooled off here yesterday and I had to turn on the heat today because the house was freezing - but today it warmed up and I had to take off my jacket. I'm jealous of your snow. Have a great weekend. See ya.

Christina said...

Your done with the boys Christmas shopping? I've hardly started!

And it snowed there? It's 80 here! LOL!