Thursday, November 29, 2007

Putting up the Tree: A Cozy Evening In

Adam was ever so excited to put up our Christmas tree, this year. He calls all of the Christmas decorations "Christmas stuff." So when we're out, driving at night, he'll say "more Christmas stuff?" meaning he wants to see Christmas lights.

It took us the longest it's ever taken us to put up a tree- because Adam had to place each ornament in a very particular place. He even crawled under the tree, to place ornaments underneath.

We even let Matthew in on the fun and let him taste a couple of the ornaments. Oh yes, I said taste. Everything goes in the mouth, these days!!

I think my favorite part of the evening was comparing Matthew to the snowman ornament. Yes, I know, I am a mean mommy. But just look at the picture! Does the child not look like a cute little snowman????

I just love the gleam and the excitement in Adam's eyes, when he looks at the tree and the lights Andy put on the house. He's so innocent, so impressionable, and just ever so sweet. I can't wait to see him on Christmas morning, as he opens his presents from Santa and Mommy/Daddy. I can't wait to hear his exciting squeals as he opens his moving dinosaur and his road ripper pick-up truck. (The too toys he picked out, himself, without know it....ahaha)

Anyway, we spent a wonderful evening in. It was cold outside and the coziness of Christmas filled our house and made it warm!

We hope you all have a cozy Christmas as well and as much fun decorating for it, as we did!

To see more cozy shots, head over to Picture This!

PS> Be sure to read the post after this, as well. It's a VERY cute video of Adam. You'll love it.


Brittany - 4 little MEN said...

Beautiful tree... I love the picture of the boys with their daddy. Very cute!

We don't have our tree up yet... for some reason I just don't want to this year. :(

Sara said...

how cute, love the pictures

Arizaphale said...

That first shot really captures cosy to me.The lights are beautiful. Christmas in Australia is so different. I miss my UK winter Christmas. We're putting the tree up this weekend if I get my exams written in time.....thanks for sharing those wonderful shots.

Blueberry and the Bean said...

ah ha ha ha! matthew the snowman! ;)

Golightly said...

What great pictures, I can't wait to put the tree up this weekend with Harrison.

Looks like a wonderful day you had together.

Dawn said...

so so so perfect. what a great decorating experience. i love the first one with the closeup of the tree. nicely done!

Christina said...

What a great evening...I can feel the warm coziness and contentedness from here! I love it that Adam was such a part of the experience; since we did the little tree up high, she wasn't really able to help with. But she did, um, taste the ornaments, just like Matthew (who makes a VERy cute snowman, BTW!).

Maya said...

What a wonderful evening!!! That first picture says it all!

Mandy said...

What a sweet memory! Those first Christmas' are always the best, when they are completely in awe about it all!

Laura McIntyre said...

I feel warm just reading this, it sounds like the perfect family evening - the stuff memories are made of