Friday, November 9, 2007

Weekly Wrap

1) Adam would wear his dress shoes, all day, everyday, if I let him! See photo the left.

2) "Ring, Ding, Ring, Ding" ahh... the sweet sound o f Sami's new collar.

3) Low-carb food. I believe I am coming to the end of my recipes. I would love to just eat pizza for dinner. sigh. At least he's still losing weight.

4) Going to my sister's Pampered Chef party, tonight. Yay for getting out alone! :)

5) Gas is $3.19.

6) Andy and I are going to see "30 Days of Night" tomorrow. I just love me a good vampire movie! I do however hope we go to a daytime showing..... I'm a wuss anymore.

7) Adam just ate an entire bag of mini-rice cakes. Can we all say "ew" now? haha. I've taught my child to eat healthy food. How ridiculous is that? ha ha ha.

8) Once again... Juan Valdez is my hero.

9) O-H..... (C'mon Ohioans...) Almost time for that "big game" with that team "up north"

10) and last...but certainly not least.....

Happy 4 month Birthday, today, Matthew!!!!!!


Blueberry and the Bean said...

oh, that is a good smile picture you got of little man #2. ;)

and sorry... no one in this house will finish that cheer for you. (go blue!)

lastly, you and i could go out for pizza and just not tell andy about it! :)

Kellan said...

What a cutie - that Matthew! And I love Adam in those dress shoes! Do you like the movie "Interview with a Vampire"? That is one my all time favorite movies. Big Lots - I do spend a fair amount of time there - lots of good snack foods for the kids' lunches and so much more. Have a great weekend, Brittany - see ya.

kim said...

Aw... Happy Birthday, Matthew! Such a sweet photo. 3.19 for gas?!?! ouch! I've been cringing at our 3.05 (at least that's what it was last I looked.)

Dawn said...

yay matthew!! too bad our guys can't get together and play.

Eli: "Matthew, do you want to attempt to roll around my floor with me?"

Matthew: "Sure Eli. Then we can laugh and drool a little!"

Eli: "Phew, that's a full day for me!"

Christina said...

Too funny about Adam and his dress shoes; N's like that with her Robeez!
Sheesh, I thought our $2.89 for gas was bad...
Happy one-third birthday, Matthew boy!

Arizaphale said...

Firstly, great smile from Matthew there!! Secondly, I had to think what you meant bout gas. You see to us 'gas' is the stuff that powers your heater in the winter or fires up the top of your stove. Hence the expression 'you're cookin' with gas' to refer, nowadays, to anyone who's doing anything well. We call the car juice 'petrol' and we are currently paying $1.35 a litre. I have no idea what the conversion is, I must work it out. There seems to be an enormous variation in price across the country for you guys. Thirdly, I wish I could get Himself to go on a low carb diet. he's off sailing today and I swear if he lost 20kg the boat would go twice as fast!!!!!! Ah well, go and have some pizza, you deserve it!

Arizaphale said...

OK, I just got on a conversion site and, depending on how many liters are in a gallon....and the currency conversion rate gallon of fuel at our prices would cost $4.68 US!!!!!!!!!!!
Somebody help me out if they think I've done it the wrong way :-)