Thursday, November 1, 2007

Weekly Wrap

1) Adam made it 1.25 hours trick or treating. I truly think he would trick or treat every single day if we let him. haha (See photo of him leaving his first house with his Nonnie)

2) Tomorrow is Adam's last day being one. I don't think I can handle having a two year old :(

3) Matthew is sleeping in his BED right now. Not in his swing or in his bed in the carrier... but in his bed.

4) Finals are OVER and I am SOOOO glad that this trimester has ended.

5) We cut open the pumpkins, tonight. Yea, I know, we are terrible parents for not carving one this year.... oh well. Anyway- we cut open the pumpkins tonight and roasted the seeds. I am in pumpkin seed heaven!

6) I can't wait until voting occurs on Tuesday. If I see one more political commercial, I might puke.

7) It's supposed to FROST tomorrow morning. Oh dear.

8) I've been on my knees more time this week than I can count. God is faithful.

9) I get to paint (with food color of course) a cheesecake red, for Adam's Birthday and then top it with little Dora characters. He requested a cheesecake... what kind of kid requests a cheesecake at 2? Oh right, mine.

10) We (ok, mainly Andy) have painted the dining room and re-arranged the family room.... and Andy has only been done with school 5 days. I think he's bored. I'll gladly let him do my homework.

I love me some Pooh Bear :)


kim said...

What a cute little Pooh! (we didn't carve our pumpkins, either... they're still sitting on the front stoop.)
Good luck with the cheesecake!

Blueberry and the Bean said...

dora cheesecake, huh? ;)

we've had some frost on our grass a few days this past week... our trees still have most of their leaves, please tell me they will fall and i will have time to rake before it decides to SNOW!

have a good weekend- i'm going to sleep as much as possible!

4littlemen said...

I love the "weekly wrap" idea... I might have to steal it. :)

Your little boys look adorable in their costumes.

have a great weekend!

melody is slurping life said...

Who wouldn't love your little pooh bear? Precious.

Maya said...

Cute Pooh Bear! Yummm...cheesecake!

Christina said...

so many great things this week! I love is that he asked for cheesecake - a boy after my own heart. ;o) I did carve pumpkins but didn't roast the seeds this year, so we're even. :o) And who wouldn't love that adorable Pooh bear?!

Laura McIntyre said...

Both boys are just adorable, i just love your weekly wraps.

Having a two year old is fun, im having a hard time with Eilidh turing one and admitting im the mother of two toddlers

Arizaphale said...

Brittany you are so photogenic. The two of you are gorgeous together and your Tigger looks pretty good too. Waiting to see pix of home decoration!! And cheesecake! How discerning!!