Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Updates and Ramblings

Sami- still missing. However, there might be a lead. A woman who happened to just stumble across my blog, lives about 2 minutes from my house, and told me yesterday that there was a black cat in her neighbors yard. Maybe that was Sami? I dunno. I drove around there yesterday and drove around for as long as I could handle it. Nothing. We're putting up more signs tonight. I just want her to be ok.

School- One "A" thus far. The other prof. hasn't posted the last two grades of the class. GRR. Hopefully she will post them soon. My new classes are both gen. eds. so they aren't so bad.

Computers- Andy built Adam a "game" computer. Is this a bad idea? I decided I was going to buy a timer for him while on the computer. Maybe 15 minutes at a time? I dunno yet.
My stupid laptop died. I've not had it long either. I got it when I went back to school almost two years ago. hmmph. We don't own a desktop, either, because our house is networked (the hazard of having a husband who is a networker). Anyway, so I am using one of Andy's computers, and it's just not the same. Hopefully mine will be fixed soon!! (HINT HINT Husband...tee hee)

Life in general- Adam has been testing me quite a bit this week. He can't hear me at all, when I try to correct him or when I am disciplining him. This is hard on me. I'm struggling with motivation these days. I have goals in my head, of things I want to get done around the house and I just can't get myself to do anything. It's not good. I think it's this stupid weather. Annnd maybe the fact that I haven't slowed down in the last month.

My pretty dining room- Right before Adam's party, Andy and his dad painted our dining room. It looks SO wonderful!!! They painted it a light grey/blue with white trim. I love it!! See photo below.

Coffee- Thank You Juan Valdez........


Blueberry and the Bean said...

thank you juan valdez- bwah-haha-ha!

bean is pulling the same stuff with me AND i have no motivation to do anything either! maybe we are twins... uh, no that doesn't work- the 9 year age difference kinda kills that idea doesn't it! he he!

here's to better days!!

Maya said...

I love the paint color! Very classy!

I hope things with Adam get better...I'm so sick of saying no to Zane now that he's moving about.

Christina said...

We're experiencing that contsant testing with Nadia lately, too. Very, very frustrating.
You have had a lot going on lately..give yourself permission to rest a little before you go out and try to conquer the world!
Dining room looks the color!

Arizaphale said...

An clever thing you. And a lovely 'new' dining room. Wonderful. I didn't get the Juan Valdez reference though.Is it a brand of coffee???
Chin up with the 'testing two year old' doesn't last too long.