Sunday, May 20, 2007

A Day of too Much Talking

Adam decided to wake up, this morning, a completely different child. I don't understand where these developmental bursts come from or why they occur, but they are a bit overwhelming! Here's how the developmental day occurred:

#1- Daddy gets Adam out of bed, and down the hallway I hear "bapple, nana, miiiiiiiiiiiilk" and then he gets to our doorway and screams "Me HUNGY!" (So, the listing of food isn't a "new" thing but he's never said he was hungry before)

#2- After church we were standing around talking and Adam decided it was time to go. So, as Andy is walking he looks at me and says "Mom, Walk!" What? What in the world? And where did he learn to tell a person to "walk" ? ugh..

#3- We stopped on the way home from church to buy Adam's sand for his sand box. I decided I didn't want to cook lunch, so we were going to stop by Wendy's. So, here's how my conversation went with Adam:

Me: "Adam are you hungry? What would you like for lunch?"

Adam: "ummmm...hungy...yes...ummm...fries....ummmmmm.....Chicken....ummmmm....hungy"

Me: "Ok, you want chicken and fries?"

Adam: "Pease"


#4- Adam can tell you what happy and sad are, and even give you a demonstration of each emotion. Today, he began telling us about "mad" and that mad is "grr." Even with a little evil grin on his face he is cute.

There were some other moments today, but those were the ones that I remember the most. Crazy crazy!

Matthew Update:

I feel bigger! haha Maybe that's just in my head, but I really do feel like I've grown some. I drink the nasty drinks everyday and I've been trying to eat fattier foods. I never thought this would be tough, but honestly it is. The ultrasound is on Wednesday at 2:15, so I just pray he's grown more by then! :)

Until Tomorrow- Enjoy these pictures from our grandparent's picnic... I have a REALLY good one to share, but I think I'll wait until tomorrow :).


Blueberry and the Bean said...

just wait 'til he tells you he's "starving"- i was floored the first time bean told me that!

for some reason she started saying "holy god" this past week. we don't know why or where she got it from. if it was "holy c-r-a-p" i'd have know she learned it from me but holy god???? hmmmmmmm. you just never know what is going to come out of their little mouths!

John, Amy, Quaid & Bailey said...

That's so cute, isn't it Great when they start having conversations with you? Bailey has just started really talking in complete sentances, it's sooo cute!

Yeah, you better watch it too, he's listening to what you say at all times and you never know what will come out of their mouths next that you really didn't want them to say :)