Wednesday, May 9, 2007

80 degrees....

Ah... Summer days are here again. We didn't make it 5 minutes outside, last night, before Adam's face looked like a tomato! Lucky Adam, however, daddy loves to eat popsicles- and so does Adam. So, after coloring big pictures on the sidewalk (with the sidewalk "calk") and riding bikes for all of 3 minutes, Adam got to eat his popsicle.

Today was daddy's birthday. We went to have lunch with him (and the world's largest ice cream sundae I have ever seen!). We then went to the store and picked up a few Mother's Day gifts. Thankfully, Adam still wanted to nap when we got home! Mommy needed to sit and relax a little. Heat and pregnancy do not mix, I have decided!

Adam's nose isn't bleeding anymore, either! yay! I am glad I didn't overreact and take him to the doctor...because I almost did. haha.

Tomorrow is a "do nothing" day AND I cannot WAIT! woo hoo! I don't think I am even going to take a shower. haha.

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John, Amy, Quaid & Bailey said...

It was 80 here yesteday too, I was thinking it's time to go out and get a new :)