Thursday, May 17, 2007

Adam: Clone of His Father

Daddy bought Adam his very own Home Depot tool bench. Let me tell you, this is the coolest thing since Blue's Clues. There's a drill and a table saw that make noise and "work." It's just too cool to be just like daddy.

Actually, I am glad Adam has taken on the interests of his daddy. I think this takes a load off of me, a little. That way I don't have to know about tools, golf, soccer, or wrestling; daddy gets to teach it to him! I'll stick with teaching him to be a sensitive male (and someday an awesome husband) by allowing him to play with dolls, pretend kitchen food, and toy vacuums.

On a side note: Is it REALLY a big deal that he likes dolls, kitchen things, and is sensitive? I don't think so.


Blueberry and the Bean said...

i think little bean would love that. she really likes tools too!

eh, it is good for him to have a baby so he can learn how to treat a real baby. and play food/kitchen- EVERY kid i know loves to do that! (and i know three other little boys who have their own kitchens)
so, phooy on anyone who says different! ;)

John, Amy, Quaid & Bailey said...

Boys will be boys that's for sure! Quaid plays with dolls and barbies, because Bailey does, but all in all he is SUCH a boy! He had a play kitchen too...your right they do need to have that sensitive side to them :)