Friday, December 7, 2007

Weekly Wrap

What a week. Here it goes:

1) MORE snow this morning! I think they said something like 2-4 more inches, on the news. AH!

2) (didn't get to blog about this) We had Matthew at urgent care, two nights ago, because he had a fever of 102 ALL day, that wouldn't break, even with tylenol. So, of course, I was concerned. Boy am I glad we went! He has a double ear infection. :( poor guy! He seems to be doing better, thanks to the antibiotics given to him.

3) Speaking of sick: everyone is sick! Adam is still snotty and Andy even has a horrific cough. Umm... knock on wood... mommy is not yet sick! (Here are two of my sicklings, in mommy's bed)

4) I HAD to get out of the house yesterday, because being cooped up with two sick kids all week has been insane. So, I went to the mall with Ashley and had the best Starbucks coffee, EVER. :)

5) Also.... I got Adam this cool shirt (Did you get YOUR tickets to the gun show?):

(Notice how he is STILL in my bed. Oh yes, my bed is the cool place to be...apparently. I think he's taking this "sickness" a little far... haha. Oh... and notice my nice new flannel sheets and my BIG ol' comforter. I love sleeping in my bed. :) )

Anyhoo- have a wonderful weekend, all! :) It's our last "non-busy" weekend for the next 4 weeks. AH! Christmas celebrations start NEXT week! Can you believe it's already that time?


Kathryn said...

Awe. Poor little sickies. And poor mom. Hope everyone feels better soon.

Blueberry and the Bean said...

hey, bean and i have the snotties too... for the past several weeks! gah!

enjoy a peaceful weekend!!

Maya said...

I've got a sicky on my hands too! I never realized how insane it would make me!!! Hope everyone feels better!

Kellan said...

Sorry about Matthew's ear infectons - so glad you caught it. And sorry everyone is feeling badly, good that you have a low key weekend to try and recover. Take care. Kellan

kim said...

I sure hope everybody's feeling better soon!

Christina said...

Aww, so sorry about your sick week! I hope everyone's doing better now. Sick kiddos is the hardest thing in the world. They sure do look sweet snuggled up in your bed, tho!!! And I love your flannel sheets; I want to get some like that!

Laura McIntyre said...

Sorry everyone is sick, hope the boys feel better soon

Arizaphale said...

What a bleah week. All better now I hope??