Saturday, December 15, 2007

Weekend Fun

We've had a fun weekend, here, even with being snowed in for most of it! My little sibs are over and we've been making Christmas cookies, playing board games and have been having a great time. One of our Christmas celebrations (Also a B-day celebration) was canceled, due to the snow! :( Oh well. Anyway- We have however had some fun:

Adam (AKA Tigger) touching the snow

Matthew has decided he likes to stand, all of the sudden. Look at how old he looks!

My baby is growing up!

Houston the snowman. My sibs and I built this around 9:30 PM Saturday night :) (Don't yell at us, mom, for playing outside so late! haha)

Kinda blurry... but this is my house :) Andy did a nice job, this year, on the lights. Like how we only shoveled in front of the garages? haha. Oh... and I made a path for the mailman to the left. haha.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!


Sue said...

How can Matthew be standing? He is only 5 months old.

Laura McIntyre said...

Look how big he looks standing there, growing up to quick. Glad the sickies seem to be going away

Blueberry and the Bean said...

wow! you must be just enough further north of us that you didn't get all the rain! it started raining at our house mid afternoon and all the snow was melted by the time we woke up this morning! if i made a snowman at 9:30pm saturday it would have been more of a slushman! ha!
enjoy your beautiful snow!! :)

Sarah said...

Haha I love your snowman. We totally got pasted with snow too. Brrrrrr. I had to get up early for worship practice and shovel the foot of snow off my car... :)

Arizaphale said...

Snow snow snow *sigh*. Your house looks cool! Very thoughtful to make a path for the mailman. Ours come on motorbikes :-D Just as the heatwave hit us on Thursday, the air conditioner broke down!! Think I'd rather shovel driveways.
Matthew is such a clever bunny. The BA stood and walked early too.

Kellan said...

I am so jealous of your great weekend with your family and what a cute snowman and cute pictures! Take care and have a great week. Kellan

Stacy said...

Wow, look at those Christmas lights! He did a great job. That sounds like the perfect winter weekend, too. :)

Christina said...

wow, look at all that snow!!! Fun, fun. I can't believe Matthew is standing...what a go-getter. the christmas lights are great - we never put any up this year.