Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Random Weekly Fun

1) Yay, to my sister, Ashley! Ashley was accepted into a church missions trip called Operation Barnabas. This is a huge accomplishment in her faith, and I'm super proud of her. I will miss her the month and a half she's gone, this summer, however. :(

"When Barnabas arrived and saw the evidence of the grace of God, he was glad. And encouraged them all to remain true to the Lord with all their hearts. He was a good man. Full of the Holy Spirit and faith. And a great number of people were brought to the Lord." Acts 11:23 and 24.

2) We made cookies with Bean, yesterday! It was a blast. The kids love each other, so much. They had a great time just playing together. If you go to Bean's mommy's page, you can see a picture of the kiddos "sleeping" together. What cuties!

3) I went to try on more dresses, for Amy's wedding. We found the most beautiful dress, but the color wasn't right. Then we found another dress, that wasn't perfect, but the color was. ugh. Hopefully when Amy is home next week (YAY!! :) I can't wait to see her!) we will be able to find "the dress."

This is the dress I liked (minus the flower), that actually had the right color (cornflower).

Here is the perfect dress... but not the right color. boo. The dress I tried on was that pink color... I actually looked decent in the pink. Who knew?

4) Today we are going to playgroup and then I am seeing my BFF, Jessica, to give her the Christmas/Birthday gift I have for her!

5) I need to buy one more small thing for my nephew, for Christmas. After wrapping all of the gifts, I realized that I didn't get him quite enough. Hmmm... I wasn't done, after all. Poop.

Anyhoo- Hope you're all having a wonderful week, thus far! :) We have a jammed pack rest of the week and weekend. 2 Christmas celebrations, this weekend, and then a full week, next week, as well. I just love the holidays!


Blueberry and the Bean said...

i like both those dresses! they are really cute!! they would look really good on you too! :)

congrats to your sister! woo hoo!

Kellan said...

Congratulations to Ashley - that is wonderful. Have a good day with your BFF. See you soon. Kellan

Christina said...

Congrats to Ashley!
I must say, I am a bit envious of the bond between Adam & Bean, and you and her Mommy. That photo of them sleeping together is too precious for words!
Both dresses are so pretty, very elegant. Good luck fiding the perfect one!
I only have one gift left to buy, too! Plus a few I'm waiting on in the mail..they'd better come in time!

Arizaphale said...

I am so pleased to hear you sounding more like 'yourself' :-D
Dresses! VERY important!! (Did I mention my ideal job would be a wedding co-ordinator???)
The second dress is MUCH nicer but I guess the theme is cornflower blue. How about either making it or having it made? It's not a particularly complicated pattern and sometimes local dressmakers can be very reasonably priced.
WOW what an opportunity for your sister!!!! Where is she going?

Brittany said...


I am more myself. Thanks! :)

I love the idea about having the dresses made, however it's so hard because not all of the girls live in the same state. There are two, here in Ohio, one in Michigan and one in South Carolina. It would be really hard to coordinate, I think.

Ashley will be flying to LA, California and then they travel in a school bus across the country, back to Ohio. Isn't that cool? I've never even been to the west coast. I am slightly jealous of her! haha.

Arizaphale said...

OK. When I had my bridemaids dresses made I had one girl in Canberra, one in Sydney and two in the UK!!!! I just sent them the pattern and the material and it was up to them to find a dressmaker to make it. They looked great! (dated now...but it was the 90s)

Ashley sounds like she will have a great time and hopefully do a lot of good along the way. Kids need good role models nowadays don't they?!!