Sunday, February 8, 2009

Matty, Matty, Bo-Batty....

Remember that rhyme? ha ha. I sing it to the kids all of the time; they love it!

Anyway- my baby turns 19 months tomorrow. 19 months! Where does the time go? How do they grow up SO fast? I don't get it.

I took Matty to his 18 month appointment on Friday (yea, I know... a little late... cut me slack; we've been sick and we were snowed in!). Here are the stats:

Weight: 21lbs 10 oz. (5th %tile- yay! he went up 2 %tage points!!)

Height: 31.5 inches (5th %tile)

My child is small. Super small. And I like him that way. :)

We finished his "up to 2 years old" developmental chart at the 15 month appointment, so we didn't get to do that. My kid is a genius, what can I say? hehe.

Ummm... he had a double ear infection... yea... I didn't even know it. I am a horrible mom. I just thought he had a cold. Yes, he was cranky, but he's also getting his eye teeth. So... how was I to know? BOO.

And somehow, he knew, after the appointment, that he was really sick... because life went downhill from there. We had a crappy weekend, of him being VERY whiny and very clingy. He even spiked a fever. Not fun.

Ear infection and all... he's still the cutest 19 month I know!

(At the office on Friday, putting on my lipgloss...on his cheeks...see... GENIUS child!)


On another note: Andy is going out of town today, for business... and he's TAKING ADAM! AH! I am freaking out a little. But Adam is SO excited, and he thinks he's going to help daddy fix the servers, at daddy's "other work." haha. It's so cute. They'll only be gone a couple of days. But man... I am going to miss my little buddy (and Andy, too, of course). What will I do with only ONE kid? ONE kid that doesn't talk back (yet)!! sigh. Pray for me. :)

How was your weekend?


Blueberry said...

yeah, this bug that is going around sucks. bean was sick for at least a week and now sprout is in the middle of it. i hope he doesn't have an ear infection too- i don't want to go to the doctor AGAIN. sigh.

adam is going with andy, huh? that should be interesting!! :)

Arizaphale said...

WOW who is that big kid in the lat photo!!!?????
I'll be hanging our to hear how Andy coped on his 'work' trip with Adam :-D
Hope Matty's ears are better soon. Nothing more miserable, except toothache, or maybe bursitis or maybe childbirth .......

Trannyhead said...

Oh it's THE WORST when you find out something was wrong and you didn't even know. I hope Matthew is feeling better.

And BOY OH BOY is he ever tiny! But perfect, of course! My kid is 4 inches taller and a whopping 36 lbs. Scary.

Christina said...

ADAM is going out of town?! I'd be freaking out a bit, too! But just think what an awesome time those boys will have together. :o)

That kid just keeps on growing older, doesn't he?! He's the proof that good things come in small packages!

Super Kristen said...

Aw ! Yes he is the cutest 19 month old.

Maya Laurent said...

Look at him and his lil budda belly! Goodness he is getting big!

Elaine A. said...

That is one darn cute 19-month old! I love his little diaper picture at the doctor! And you know my little guy isn't much bigger... Hope you're having fun with just the Mattster! : )

Stacy said...

Yay, for Matty growing up! Well, at least he is consistent at 5%. He's got a little mama, so it just genetics and all. Sorry to hear he was having a tough time this past weekend. Those ear infections are no fun at all. Hope he is feeling better now.

Good luck with Andy and Adam out of town, too! I'm sure it will be just fine, apart from missing them.

kim said...

We're right down there on the scale with you, Matty! My 29 month old is still fitting nicely into his 18 month clothes.
Small and mighty - that's our boys!