Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Heart Smart

Sometimes I just think my little Adam is way too smart.

As I was having a moment of quiet time, this morning, Adam wakes up, and comes skipping into the family room. He is visibly excited about something, so I ask him what he was so happy about.

Our conversation continued:

Adam: Mommy! Do you hear it?

Me: Hear what?

Adam: My heart mommy! Do you hear it?

Me: (trying to get him to elaborate) Well, no. What about it?

Adam: It's Jesus, Mommy! He's walking around in my heart! I. can. hear it!

Me: Oh, the pounding in you heart! It's Jesus?

Adam: Yes, mommy! I hear him, he's REALLY in my heart!

(I think he's been skeptical this whole time. He's REALLY trying to figure out this whole, Jesus is your heart thing we've been telling him about.)

Me: Ohhhh... I am glad you finally heard him!

He then comes over and puts his head on my chest.

Lifts his head.

Puts it on a different part of my chest.

Lifts his head quickly. moves it to the other side of my chest.


and again.

Adam: Mommy. I can't hear Him. He's not in your heart.

OUCH! ha ha ha.

Me: Adam, HE is there. I promise. He must be sleeping.

Whew. He took it.

But how sweet. I love that's he's trying to to logically connect everything we are teaching him, and what he's learning in Sunday School. I love it! :)

and I love this boy!


Jaimie Kylene said...

He's such a sweet little boy! He's gotta just melt your heart!

How are you feeling? Did you get another snow storm? We're snowed in, again!!

Blueberry said...

he he he! he's so cute!

Finding Purpose in the Pain said...

Awww! Thats so cute that he said that:)

Christina said...

Oh my gosh, that is TOO sweet!

Super Kristen said...

Aw, how cute!

Elaine A. said...

He couldn't hear yours? Uh oh. That's not good! HA! ; )

He's too sweet, I love what the learn and say at this age!

Lilith Silvermane said...

What a sweet heart!

Ok... the calendar thing with Google.
My guy and I use it just to make sure we have our dates straight on things, and so we don't say Yes to things when we are booked.

With date night, dinners, family, ex's and ever changing custody issues, we need to find a way to make things work for us.

He uploads it to his Blackberry so he has it on hand at all times, and when I get mine I'll do that same.

It just helps us keep things simple and sane. I hope ya'll figure something out.. it's worth the tiny bit of sanity it's allowed us! Until one of us forgets something...egads.. that's gonna be bad!

Have a great day!! I hope ya'll are staying warm!!

Stacy said...

Oh, that is so sweet! These abstract concepts of God and Jesus are so hard for the little kids to get. If it's not something tangible they have a hard time understanding it. Looks like Adam is getting it though!

Kelli said...

Hello, I'm Kelli and I found you blog from the other Brittany. This is a wonderful story. I'm still trying to figure out and pray about teaching my oldest about Christ. Last night she told me our Bible stories are boing...sigh. Keep up what you're doing.

Killlashandra said...

That's very sweet.

Fire Hunt said...

That is so cute!

Arizaphale said...

Wow. So cool.The BA has been having all the teenage 'but how do I KNOW there is a God' discussions with me of late. I just tell her that, like the wind, we can't see God but we see evidence of its presence. Like the trees bending, that's evidence of the wind. She is my 'evidence' of God.
I don't think she gets it yet.