Friday, January 16, 2009

Freaky Friday

Sometimes I feel like I live in the Twilight Zone or Freaky Friday (minus switching places with my mom...which really would be interesting!). Sometimes I wonder if all mommies are this "lucky."

Here's how my Friday has gone. OH weekend, where are you?!

I woke up this morning and had a foot in my armpit. Thankfully it wasn't Andy's (this time!) but Adam's. OH, and he had drooled all over my pillow (MY pillow. The pillow on which I was NOT sleeping!).

I crept out of bed, in order to allow more sleep for Adam, and crept into the shower. You all know how well I succeed at taking showers! Only to be followed 2-minutes later by... the dog. sigh. At least it wasn't a kid.

Got out of the shower. The boys woke up. I bathed them, as well, because we were going to hit the road as soon as possible.

Not so much.

Turn on the news and see that they are serious about this weather. It was -12 degrees and with the windchill it felt like it was -30. Ok, so we'd wait until it was at least ZERO to leave.

So, I cleaned the house. Vacuumed. Folded a load of laundry. Played a game with Adam. Ran the dishwasher (which should have been done last night, but never got turned on! grr. I hate when that happens!) And then I had about 5 phone calls in a row.... which lead to....

Adam pooping his pants (oh yes, that's right!) and attempting to hide it from mommy... smearing it ALL over the bathroom floor, himself, and the toilet.

Shower #2 for Adam. Another cleaning for the bathroom. AND one more load of laundry in the wash.

OH yes- and a text message to daddy SHOWING him the bathroom. Lucky daddy. :)


The kids are napping (well, kinda. I can hear Matty talking to himself and I am sure Adam is jumping on his bed)

Mommy is eating (scarfing down) a bowl of soup. (hey, at least I am actually eating something!)

And I think my DVRd episode of Grey's Anatomy is going to get played.

Mommy needs a vacation!


Oh- and did I mention my dad had his knee replaced this week?

(He's gonna shoot me for this... but I can't help myself!)

He's doing really well! He's walking a whole lot more than I expected! I get to "daddysit" him next week, because he can't be alone. Should be... interesting keeping the boys from hitting his leg! eek!


I'm gonna go "rest," until Adam comes out of his room, without any sleep, and insists upon staying up because "it's not dark outside, so I can't sleep yet!" sigh.


4 Little Men and Girly Twins said...

Ahhh... one of those days indeed! Hope you have a great weekend!


Trannyhead said...

Nothing like a little poo smeared all over a freshly cleaned bathroom to really make your day! Poor Adam. I bet he got too busy playing to remember to go to the potty!

Laura McIntyre said...

One of those days indeed, life with toddlers can never be called dull can it?

Sara said...

Wow, busy, and my mom had a knee replacement when my boys were about your boys ages.

Don Mills Diva said...

At least he gets to lie down right?

Hope the rest of your weekend was a bit more smooth.

CissaLynn said...

The way you tell your stories, I just laugh and laugh!!! Too funny!!! Hope the day got better as it went on! :))

Glad to hear your dad is doing well! :) That is good news!!!

Have a good week and try and stay warm (I hear more snow is coming) - don't know if it is true, tho. :)

Elaine A. said...

SO sorry about the poopy problem. Not fun.

And I hear you on the dishwasher. I did the same thing the other night! Ugh.

Hope you've had a good weekend! : )

Tonya said...

Those days...we've all had them at least I have! Hope your weekend was great.

Maggie said...

Oh what a rotten day -- I hope that your weekend was better than your Friday!

And speaking of the dishwasher, I need to turn on mine before I go to bed soon...thanks for the reminder!

Arizaphale said...

You are such a dag mate! You make me laugh :-)Sending Andy the text message photo is definitely something I would do hahahahahaha!!!

As for your dad. I have a very similar picture of me taken when I broke my kneecap 20 years ago. One of these days I too will be in the knee replacement bed. Hope he's recovering well.

Stacy said...

Oh, Lordy that was some day! I hope the rest of the day was better.

I hope your daddy heals up well, too. I'm pretty sure my dad wouldn't love that shot being plastered over the internet, but you got to get back at him for intimidating your boyfriends in high school somehow, right? Or was that just my dad? ;)

I am in the lucky group of mommy's that hasn't YET had to clean up poo smeared anywhere. I'm sure that now I have said that out loud, I will be waking up to it tomorrow. ;)