Thursday, September 4, 2008


1) No test results for me, yet. I called today and the nurse said they may not come in until Monday. GRR. She assured me that they would call as soon as they arrived. 

2) My dad goes in for his biopsy on Monday. He will be told his results on Sept 18th. (this one stresses me out more than my OWN tests) 

3) My classes start in 24 days. sigh. I've enjoyed this little break. 

4) Andy got an *A* in his first Masters class!!!! I am so proud of him! :) 

5) Andy goes out of town next week. Sigh. I've enjoyed him not traveling. 

6) Adam starts soccer on Sept 10th and the first game is on the 20th. I'm not sure who is more excited, him or me..... hmmm... 

7) My Bible study starts in just two weeks. Boy do I need that! I can't wait. 

8) Playgroup is going SO well. New moms have been coming, and I really feel like everyone is enjoying themselves. yay! 

9) Tomorrow we are going to the zoo with Bean, since she had school on playgroup day! We miss our Bean (and I miss Bean's Mommy!)... oh, oh and not to leave out Sprout! He will be there, too. Oh, poop (oh yes, a phrase I actually do say irl)...And Matt. Darn those second kids! ha ha. ;) 

10)  I've been thinking about starting up an Etsy. Anyone have experience in this? Is it worth it? 
11) We have managed to book our days. We have something every day of the week, now, minus Thurs and Friday. I am sure we will pick something up in no time. 

12) I leave you, with one proud Bop and Matty. 


Jen said...

You guys have been busy!

Blueberry said...

prayers for your daddy!

what would you sell in your etsy?? what crafty talents are you hiding from me? and where would you find the time?!? he he!

see you tomorrow!!! :)

Elaine A. said...

I felt like I needed to lean in and kiss Matt!

Prayers for you AND your Dad...

Fire Hunt said...

I don't know what etsy is. Looks like you are busy. let us know how your day is.

Kathryn said...

Holy crap! You are busy!!!!

Hurry up test results! What on earth takes so long???

Golightly said...

There is a lot on your plate! I'll keep your dad in my prayers (and you!).
I'm starting a Beth Moore bible study next week and MOPs at my church. Yeah!

Arizaphale said...

I will be glad when your results come in too. Did I miss something? Are you running a playgroup? How did I miss that??

Maya said...

That's frustrating you don't have the results yet! Continuing to think of you!

kim said...

You are a busy busy girl who's about to get busier.