Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Tropical Storm: In OHIO? Thanks, Ike!

Photo courtesy of WBNS channel 10 news

Seriously. We had tropical storm level winds in Ohio, on Sunday. SO weird. So scary. So much to clean up! I can't even imagine what those in the hurricane areas are enduring, because we have a crazy amount of damage here.

Here's the current conditions:

  • Ohio under state of emergency.
  • Central Ohio counties under emergency: Clark, Delaware (I live HERE), Franklin, Greene, Knox, Licking, Madison, Morrow.
  • 6 dead in Ohio, 1 in central Ohio.
  • 1.6 million Ohioans without power.
  • 230,559 AEP customers in Franklin County remain without power.
  • Most of the schools in the area are closed.

We had a TON to clean up, a lot of large limbs to clean up, lawn furniture to chase, etc. but, we are fortunate enough to have electricity. We however can't really GO anywhere. A lot of stores are not open, many streets are closed, and almost all of the traffic lights are out down the main road we HAVE to take to really leave our area. It's a mess. I feel terrible for those who are without electricity.

Pray for those who are in need, right now. For those of you who know Blueberry and Bean, they are one of those without power! I talked to her today, and they are all doing well, but a little bored and hoping they get electric back soon!

**Other Updates**

* My blood tests came back ok. Nothing alarming.
* Still sick. The new med is helping a tad. It makes me so sleepy, though, and I can't really take it during the day.
* Andy is out of town. He is in Cleveland, and is enduring this mess of a storm, too. Pray he makes it home safely, tomorrow!


Kathryn said...

Wow! I had no idea Ike was reaching so far north. That is scary.

So glad you are safe and well. Praying for you and hubby. :)

And on a side note, I love the new layout!!!!

4 Little Men and Twins said...

crazy huh!

Sara said...

Was worried about you, we had some tropical storm level winds too. Mom and dad's house took some damage and they lost a tree. The town got torn up some too. A brick wall was blown down. A kid was killed when a limb landed on him. Etc. I was terrified to go home afraid it wouldn't be there since, my house is in a wind stream and normal windy days can cause me problems. But somehow it must have avoided my house. No damange, praise God. Glad to hear your okay too.

My Goodness said...

My goodness! What a mess!
We had a touch of the winds, a few trees are down, but not near the mess you have up there. Bless your heart!

I do hope Andy makes it home ok...I know that will help you feel better.

Cute layout!

Christopher's mom said...

Ike is kicking butt everywhere isn't he. Glad your test were negative now if they can just figure out what the problem is.
Sending prayers and hugs your way and also Andy's way.

Keep us posted.

Golightly said...

Ugh!! Between Ike and this illness, what a day! Glad you all (and the "blueberry" family are okay. we'll keep you in prayer for a safe return to normalcy.

And! You changed your blog again! OH MY GOSH -I LOVE IT!! LOVELOVELOVE it!

Christina said...

Good gosh, it's crazy. And you know what's really nuts is that Ike hit the midwest so hard, and yet here I am in North Texas with no problems whatsoever. It went east of us. I hope everything settles down soon there.

Thanks for the update on Bluberry and her gang, too!

And the new layout? LOVE it!

Stacy said...

Oh my goodness! Glad you made it through alright, but how crazy! We had 80 mph winds in our neighborhood last fall, so I've been there. Fortunately we only lost part of a tree and somehow our electricity didn't go out. It is very scary!

Dawn said...

So sorry to hear about the damage. When Hurricane Isabel came through Virginia 5 years ago, the same thing happened, our whole city was a mess and everything was shut down. It was kind of eerie.

Sorry your hubby isn't home right now, but only a little bit more waiting! Hang in there dearie.

Blueberry said...

guess what?!?!?!?! i have POWER! sweet, sweet electricity!!!!

hey it was only around 68 hours... but who's couting, right??

oh, and we found the key. don't know where it was but when i took a sharp left i heard something and i looked down and there it was. SO very weird!

Amy said...

I really just can't believe it made it all the way up there. Shows how massive and dangerous this storm really was. Glad you're safe!

Fire Hunt said...

We just got POWER.

Maggie said...

Ick! And I was annoyed that Ike made it rain here for a week -- you have it much MUCH worse.

I'm glad that your lab work came back ok!